Uncommon Love

Jenna is just a regular girl that works at Hollister with her best friend Griffin. It's just a normal day when five very noisey boys enter the store. Crazy things begin to happen and Jenna finds her self in romance trouble! Will her best friend and sister fall into her situation? Read to find out whst happens!!


1. Life...


“GO DO IT OR YOUR FIRED!” my boss yelled at me while slamming the door
in my face. I worked at Hollister and my boss was the worst. He was a
35 year old man that was over tired all the time and a total snob. I
was getting chewed out because I had forgotten to un-load boxes in the
front of the store.
“Yes sir.” I whispered back with attitude. I walked to the front of
the store and glanced at all the boxes that were sprawled around the
brown wooden floors.  I sighed and began un packing them. White lace
dress on B mannequin, green shirts on X shelf, purple sweat pants on
A1 self, blue gene mini skirt on-
“Excuse me?” a teenage girl asked tapping my shoulder. I glanced up
and she smiled.
“Hi! I’m Jenna and welcome to Hollister how may I help you today?” I asked while giving her a happy smile. She handed me a magazine and I
“Could you help me find that skirt? I saw it in this catalog and I
love it. I called earlier and I heard it was in?” She giggled. God
some people where annoying.
“I can go check.” I smiled and walked into the back. Griffin was there
sitting on a large box of equipment. I sighed and rolled my eyes. We had been best friends for as long as I could
remember and we acted like brother and sister most of the time.  He
chuckeled and jumped off the box and followed me into the far back
storage room. He was wearing a tight red Hollister shirt that looked
like a polo shirt, along with kakis. We were the same height and he
had the bluest eyes in the world. His hair was like an old Justin
Beiber hair cut.
“Another annoyance?” he asked. I nodded. He knew me well. “What
shelf?” He asked. I pointed to a high shelf and he jumped on a large
ladder and grabbed it. “This ugly thing?” he chuckled. I had to admit
it was ugly. It was a blue gene mini skirt that had torn pockets, and
a cheetah rim around the bottom. I nodded and began to walk out.
“If you see a dead body outside don’t tell the cops it was me okay?” I
sighed while turning around. ‘Thank you.’ I mouthed and left the
extremely small room.
“Is this the one?” I smiled and handed it to her. She nodded and I smiled.
“Thanks so much.” She giggled and turned the corner and went to the
cash register. Now it was Griffins turn to deal with her. She finally
checked out and left the store. Griffin rolled his eyes and laughed
shaking his head while walking back into the tiny room he emerged
from. I ran over to the door and poked my head in.
“See the annoyances I have to put up with?” he nodded and I went back
to my work. Blue gene mini skirt on shelf g11 and green polo shirts on
shelf j2. Ten more of the same boxes and I was totally finished. I
sighed in relief. “Finally.”
It was just me and Griffin in the store now because business was
really slow at 8:30 at night. There were about 11 people in the store.
Suddenly five rowdy boys came into the store.

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