Little Things

The new girl April is new to town and there's this cute boy who lives next door, but what you haven't told him is that you are only staying for winter, because you love being in New York especially in the winter. Boy its gonna be a long winter.


3. Winter Carnival

April's POV:

I woke up to the sound of my phone buzzing. It was Harry he texted me. 

Here's how our conversation went:

"Hey u"~H

"Hey"~ A

"Did I wake you?"~H

"Yeah kinda of it's ok I've been meaning to wake up anyways"~A

"Have any plans for today??"~H

"No, you had anything in mind?"~A

"Yeah I was thinking we could go to the winter carnival by the beach it'll be fun"~H

"Sure what time should I be there?"~A

"I'll pick you up at  2:00"~H

I got up and ate breakfast. 

"Hey grandma, the neighbor next door is taking me to the winter carnival." I said.

"You know that's where me and your gramps fell in love." grandma replied.

"OH,really" I said in shock.

"Hurry up and get ready you don't want to be late for your date." she replied.

"It's not a date." I replied

"GO!" she said.

I got up and started to get ready. 

I decided to wear: my hipster glasses, black leggings,a winter white jacket,brown combat boots, black finger-less mittens, and wore a over-sized winter wonderland blouse under my jacket.

Harry's POV:

I knocked on her door and she opened. She looked beautiful, her hair, her lips, everything she was perfect!

"WOW!" I blurted out of my mouth, I didn't mean to say that but I mean she was WOW!

"I mean you look beautiful."I said.

April's POV:

He looked at me with his sexy green eyes. I couldn't help but blush.


Once we arrived we walked around a bit just laughing and telling stories. We then came across the beach that was sort of covered with snow and laid down.

We were just looking up at the sky and then stared into each other eyes. I was blushing and I could tell he knew.

Harry's POV:

I looked into her beautiful blue eyes and she was blushing. She was so cute, so beautiful, so PERFECT.

I leaned in and kissed her and she kissed back. We both kissed passionately.

April's POV:

He leaned in and kissed me and I kissed back. It was PERFECT. I remembered what my grandma said that this is where my she and gramps fell in love. I thought could me and Harry grow old together??

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