Little Things

The new girl April is new to town and there's this cute boy who lives next door, but what you haven't told him is that you are only staying for winter, because you love being in New York especially in the winter. Boy its gonna be a long winter.


6. The Weekend

April's POV:

His lips tasted like hot coco. I didn't want to stop. I it was too perfect. 

I pulled away from the kiss I wasn't sure why but I felt like I needed him to know it wasn't that easy to get me.

"So am I a good kisser." I said.

"I don't know I didn't get enough time to find out." he replied while leaning in for another kiss.

I dodged it.

"Well than I guess I will have to ask someone else." I said. I had to show him who's boss.

I couldn't let him think I was just another one of his bitches. Hell no!

Harry's POV:

I loved the way she was acting it only made me want her even more. 

She went to the kitchen to makes a couple of sandwiches. 

While the sandwiches were in the oven I walked over to her and put my hands around her waist. I stared into her eyes. I picked her up and placed her on the counter and passionately kissed her.

April's POV: 

When he kissed me I kissed back. 

"So my grandparents are gone for the weekend...." I said.

"Soooo?" He said with a smirk on his face.

"Well you know maybe.. just... maybe would you like to stay for the weekend?" I asked while serving the sandwiches.

"I thought you would never ask!" He said smirking then kissing me on the forehead while eating his sandwich all at the same time. I think I might start to..get........feelings for him. 

"Well, how's the sandwich?" I asked trying to break the silence.

"All I have to say is, You're beautiful, I'm staying with you the whole weekend, you cook, How did I get so lucky?" he said.

I just giggled and smiled. He was done with his sandwich and so was I. I gave him a tour of the house that ended in my room.

We laid in my bed laughing and talking until he kissed my lips. He was amazing he..he.

"I love you." he said in the middle of our make out session. 

"I love you too"  I replied.

After minutes of kissing I started to unbutton his shirt and he mine. 

I didn't really know where this was going but WOW! 


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