Little Things

The new girl April is new to town and there's this cute boy who lives next door, but what you haven't told him is that you are only staying for winter, because you love being in New York especially in the winter. Boy its gonna be a long winter.


5. The Morning After

April's POV:

My grandparents told me they were leaving for the weekend and I pretty much was just sleeping when she told me so my grandma left a note.

I ate cereal. Before I took a shower, took my towel and sat in the family room for a bit. I then got up and took a shower. 

I got out realizing I had left my towel downstairs in the family room. Since I was alone I went rushing downstairs. Yes I was naked. The worse thing about my grandparents house is that the stairs are right in front of the door. 

So as I was rushing downstairs someone was opening the door. I tried running back it was too late. Harry had opened the door. He dropped the flowers he was carrying.

Harry's POV:

I wanted to surprise April with roses and apologize for what happened last night.

I knocked a couple times. I realized that the door was open so I helped myself in.

I saw April NAKED!! Not to lie but um, not bad. I f you know what I mean.

"OH!!! God Harry" she screamed running to get her towel.

"I'm so sorry!" I replied.

"What the fuck are you doing here? How'd you even get in her??" April yelled at me

"I just wanted to apologize realized the door was open so I just came I didn't no you were naked." I replied.


April's POV:

The only thing I could ask myself was how much did he see and what was he thinking?

"Look I'm gonna go change and than you can apologize properly." I said 

I put on my pjs I wasn't going ANYWHERE after what had just happened. 

"Look April I'm really sorry I didn't mean anything I'm so sorry." he said.

"It's ok." I replied.

I sat next to him it was pretty much silent until we both looked at each other and just kissed. I'm not gonna lie I was waiting for the kiss. I just hope I wasn't gonna break his heart.

Harry's POV: 

Our kiss quickly turned into a make out session . I loved her so much! I hope she felt the same.

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