Little Things

The new girl April is new to town and there's this cute boy who lives next door, but what you haven't told him is that you are only staying for winter, because you love being in New York especially in the winter. Boy its gonna be a long winter.


1. The First Day

***April POV***


OK, it's been a long day. I'm finally here in New York, I can't believe my parents actually said Yes!

Usually they are super protective so this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

My grandparents were there. in the airport, to greet me with warm hugs I was so cold. Back in L.A the temperature wasn't this cold.

My grandma looked at me and said." OH, you silly thing you didn't expect it to be warm here in New York , did ya?"

Just as I was about to answer the question my grandpa said " Com'on  I'm gonna be late for game."

I looked at him and said in a silly voice " Well, hello to you gramps." I always called him gramps. We had a very silly relationship, we would always be playing around with each other.

'Hello fat cheeks." He always call me that I hated that. When I was little I used to have these really fat cheeks, and that's how the nicknaming started. We hugged right away. I missed them a lot.

On our way to the car, I was thinking about how grandma and I never really had nicknames for each other. I tried once to nickname her but she said and I quote " It's not lady like." I don't know I think she is to up-tight gramps just lets loose. But I still love her. 

I think they noticed I was quite maybe a little bit to quite. Really I was trying take it all in then that's I burst out saying " I'M IN NEW YORK." 

My grandparents finally understood it I was just being me plain old me.

****Finally arriving****

I saw my grandparents house just around the corner.

We finally arrived and gramps said he would put my luggage in the guest room where is staying in.

I laid their on my bed thinking this would be the best winter ever!!!!!!!


A/N: Thanks for reading a like, comment, or fav would be appreciated I have to give shout out to someone who inspired me to write @ivanna_payne go fan her!! 

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