Little Things

The new girl April is new to town and there's this cute boy who lives next door, but what you haven't told him is that you are only staying for winter, because you love being in New York especially in the winter. Boy its gonna be a long winter.


4. Moving too Fast

April's POV:

I pulled away from the kiss. I couldn't get into anything I couldn't get out of. I was only here for the winter I couldn't break his heart.

"I'm so sorry but I gotta go." I said. I ran off back to my grandparents house. 

Harry's POV:

She ran off I didn't know where she was going. The only thing I could think of why she left at the most perfect moment. Where we moving too fast. I didn't know. 

I tried following her but lost in a big crowd. I went back to the house with all the lads.

Liam's POV:

Harry came back so sad I had to ask him if he was ok. 

This how our conversation went:

"What happened Hazza?"~L

 "April ran off after we kiss I don't know if she thought we were moving fast or if she didn't like me it's kinda confusing."~H

"Look next time just take it slow with her. You know just really take time to get to know her"~L

'I feel like I've known her all my life. But I'll take your idea I'm gonna ask her on a date. A real one."~H

April's POV: 

I got home and thought that I probably ruined my chances with Harry but it was better then knowing I was gonna break his heart at the end of the winter.


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