He Is Here

its a one shot just saying


1. Harry Styles One Shot

It is Valintines Day and my boyfriend of  pretty much 2 years isnt here to spend it with me. I didn't even get any flowers or a card from him. Just a text that said 'Good morning babe, miss u lots, cant wait to see you again~ Hazza Boo'. Right now I am Shopping alone at the mall. I walk into H&M and get a blazer and a couple pairs of jeans. I Spen a couple more hours buying shoes, jeans, tops, and all the other stuff a girl would need for a special date on Valintines Day. The only thing is, I wont be using it, its for my friend and her boyfriend who said he was gonna propose to her tonight. AHHH, why do i have to be alone tonight, and its the most romantic day of the year. Whatever, i drove to my friends house and drop off the stuff i baught her. I then go to rent a movie and get some popcorn. I get all that and go to change. I change into some sweats and a crop top that said 'Hipsta Please', that shirt reminded me of Harry, Harry who was on tour and wont be with me tonight. Any way i lie down on the couch and begin to watch Grown Ups. it isn;t fun watching it without Harry. He would always point out the pretty girls and say I was way prettier. It always made me blush. I was just Thinking when i heard a knock on the door. I slowly walked to the door in my sweats and harrys comfy jack wills sweater, with my fuzzy mocasins. I opened the door to see a very happy Zayn standing there.

'Zayn what are you doing here?'nI asked while hugging him

'I have to give this to you' he said while handing me a velvet box. I opened it and saw an airplane necklace just like harrys. there was anote.

Go to the place where we had our first date<3


I looked up and zayn was gone. I slowly walked back to my room and changed into some jeggings, still harrys sweatshirt, and some uggs. i put on the necklace that harry gave me. i walked out to my car and drove to the place where we had our first date. The cinema. I walked in and saw Liam standing there with something behind his back. I walked over to him and gave him a hug.

'Hey liam' i said

'Hello and here you go' he said walking away

He handed me a letter. I opened it and saw a 100$  itunes card. with another note.

I see you have found this next gift, now go to the place where we had our first kiss :)

~Hazza Boo

I walke out and went to the peir. I saw Niall standing there with a pair of keys in his hand.

'Hello Nialler' i said while hugging him

'Hello mikhayla and here you go' he said while handing me the keys and another note

Use these keys to find a boat<3


I walked around until i saw a boat with louis standing on it. I walked over to him and gave him a hug. He walked me onto the boat and took the keys. He started driving untill we got to a small private island.

'This is the stop' he said while escorting me out

'Thank you louis' i said while waveing, he waved back and then drove off

i saw a not stuck to a tree.

Fallow the rose pettals <3


I saw a line of rose petals and started to fallow them, at the end of the line i saw a candle lit dinner. i walked towords it and stoped. I heard a noise in the forest. I was getting scared, just then, harry slowly walked out in my faveourite blue blazer and jeans. I was still, he is here. he did this all. I immedeitly ran straight into his arms and i started crying a bit.

'Mikhayla dont cry please' harry said

' im sorry i just cant believe you did all of this' i said

Harry look at me and kissed me. That kiss ive been missing for months.

'lets eat' he said while pulling me to a seat. we had our dinner and laughed alot. i still couldnt believe that he did all of that. we were now walking alone the beach.

'Theres still one more thing' he said while putting a blindfols on me. he led me untill he said stop. I stopped and he told me to take the blindfold off. I took it off and gasped. There was a little tent with a mattress and all the other things we would need to sleep out there.

'Do you like it?' he asked me

'I love it' i said while sitting down beside him laying my head on his chest. we talked all night untill i fell alseep.

This was the best Valintines Day ever.








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