The 1D Games!!

Are you a die-hard One Direction fan? Or are you a die-hard Hunger Games fan? Well, either way, you will love this book!


4. Nicole POV

Well, this is awkward. I'm onstage, listening to the rules of how to get One Direction back to the UK, and the next thing I knew, I'm up in a helicopter, full of strangers. I soon figure out that all of these men in here are part of a gang. Luckily I didn't have duct tape on my mouth so I could speak. The second I thought about it, I knew I shouldn't have. Another person came in and wrapped duct tape over our mouths so we couldn't speak.

"Hello, lovely ladies. We heard about what was going on around here, and we thought that you all should know that we are the gang that captured One Direction. And, in order to let you free, we are going to give you a riddle that you all must solve within three days time. And, you can see no sun or moon, so you dont know when to go to sleep or when to wake up. Well, time to take this stuff off your mouth and leave you guys to figuring out that riddle."

Owwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!! That hurt so badly! I didn't even know the person next to me, I think her name was Doireann, and I buried my head into her lap.

She looked at me and whispered, "So do you want to get started on that riddle?"

We all sat there, in pain, and introduced ourselves. Then, we realized we didn't have a riddle. I went to go look for that person and asked him what the riddle is.

"It is:

You’re a bus driver. At the first stop 4 people get on. At the second stop 8 people on, at the third stop 2 people get off and, at the forth stop everyone got off. The question is what color are the bus drivers eyes?"

(I dare you all to try this without looking it up online before you continue.)

I looked at him quizzically and I went back to the 9 other girls and told them the riddle.

"Hmmm. I think this will be impossible."

We all thought about it for a few hours, when one of the smart ones in the group, Kimberly, thinks she knows the answer.

"I think I know it! It's Same as yours, because you're the bus driver."

I called that guy over here, and suprisingly, it was correct. But, he gave us another riddle.

"Here's the second riddle:

If the ruler of Russia was called the Czar and his wife the Czarina, what were his children called?

We all have heard of it before, so in unison, we all said, "Sardines."

"Wow, you guys are good. Now, one more, and then I'll see if I want to let you all go. Here's the third and final riddle:

Spell electricity with three letters."

He left without a word and then, suddenly a light went on in my head.

"So, you guys all know how electicity goes along with energy?"

They all nodded their heads in agreement.

I smiled and continued. "What if you said NRG? Would that work?"

Everyone smiled and they all nodded again.

I stood up, again, and went over to the guy.

"Our answer is NRG."

"You are correct. Now let me see if I should let you all go to find your 'precious little boys'."

I went over to the girls and told them we weren't going to have any more riddles. We all chatted and told stuff about ourselves. I was mostly interested about Ruby. She had come from Germany, France, Madagascar, and the Native Americans. Ruby did also have a tiny accent. By the time that person, who we later know as Ralph, said that we would be free to go.

"Thanks so much!" Kimberly stated.

We just had one more thing to finish up.

We needed to kill the gang, including Ralph.

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