The 1D Games!!

Are you a die-hard One Direction fan? Or are you a die-hard Hunger Games fan? Well, either way, you will love this book!


3. Let The Games Begin!!!!!

The leaders warmly welcomed Nicole, Kimberly, Ashley, Ciara, Ruby, Kelly, Skie, Karissa, Meghan, and Doireann onto the stage and all of their moms were crying. They tried to be pleased, but they all knew it was a 50/50 chance that they would not make One Direction be happy again. But, they also knew that there was a 50/50 chance that One Direction would be very pleased. They all were thinking the same thing, and at the exact same time, their faces lit up with a smile, and all of the moms looked at each other quizzically.

"Welcome the 10 people that we have gathered to look for the gang and to save One Direction!!!"

Everyone clapped, and some people stood there, and others whistled. Everyone onstage had a smirk or smile. Most everyone were happy to get rid of these girls. They were kinda outcasts. No one treated them fairly. These 10 girls deserved to go.

All of them hoped to meet One Direction. Well, they all would. But half of them would get extra special treatment. Then, the leader from Madagascar Spoke up.

"The reason why we have gathered here today is because apperently, these 10 girls' favorite band, One Direction, have gone missing. They will set out to find the gang and send them to jail. Then, they will go look for One Direction and I'm pretty sure they will treat half of these lovely ladies to a little surprise."

Everyone around them clapped and cheered, and Nicole, Kimberly, Ashley, Ciara, Ruby, Kelly, Skie, Karissa, Meghan, and Doireann all felt a breeze circling around them. They looked up, with their eyes squinted. There was a huge helicopter that wanted all 10 girls to go up there. The leaders begged them not to, but they did anyway, not knowing what to expect.


Sorry it's kinda short. Lots of people wanted an update and I have a good idea for alot of chapters. Thanks to all of you lovely readers :-)

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