The 1D Games!!

Are you a die-hard One Direction fan? Or are you a die-hard Hunger Games fan? Well, either way, you will love this book!


5. Kimberly Pov

So, I got chosen to be part in getting One Direction back to the UK. Like I wanted to. I mean, seriously. I want to meet One Direction, but I don't want to. What if I die?

Me and 9 other girls that I barely knew were captured by the gang that took One Direction. Secretly, I questioned them hard until they were sweating and the answered me. One Direction is on an island on the outskirts of Hawaii. Of course. I went back to Nicole, Ashley, Ciara, Ruby, Kelly, Skie, Karissa, Meghan, and Doireann.

"Well. I don't know about you girls, but when we leave I'm gonna go look for the boys on the islands on the outskirts of Hawaii." I said.

"Well, why do you wanna go?" Meghan asked me.

"I pressured Ralph."

"Do you really think that Ralph would tell you the right directions?" asked Ciara.

I thought about it.

"Okay. Do we all have our phones?"

They all nodded in agreement.

"Okay. Let's all give each other our numbers. I'll say mine first, and you all type it in on your phone."

We all gave each other our numbers and put our phone in our pockets, just as Ralph came in.

He let us go. Everyone had left and first some us had pulled out handcuffs and put them on the guys. Then one of us called 911 and told them that they had stolen One Direction and then they captured us. Soon, another helicopter came and took the gang away and told us that One Direction was in an unknown carribean island.

We all nodded and then we got off the helicopter and took the next plane out to the Crribean, where we would meet One Direction.


Sorry it was really short. Lots of people want me to update and I have two more stories to do. The next chapter will be out by tomorrow. :-)

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