The 1D Games!!

Are you a die-hard One Direction fan? Or are you a die-hard Hunger Games fan? Well, either way, you will love this book!


6. Choose your partner and let's go!/My Hair!!

Nicole, Kimberly, Ashley, Ciara, Ruby, Kelly, Skie, Karissa, Meghan, and Doireann all ran off of the plane and ran through the airport. They were fairly recognizable because they had been on T.V. when that gang had captured them. People had asked for autographs, but the 10 girls just kept running. They didn't want to disappoint anyone, but they had something more important to do. As soon as they were out of the airport, they had run short on breath.

They stopped for a minute.

"Which way should we go now?" asked Karissa.

"How about this. Since we all have each other's numbers, everyone grab a buddy and head in a different direction." answered Ashley.

So, Doireann went with Nicole, Ashley with Skie, Kelly with Karissa, Meghan with Ciara, and Ruby with Kimberly.

"If anyone gets lost, just text one another." Said Skie.

"I'm setting up a group chat for all of us right now." stated Karissa.

Soon, everyone felt their phone buzz.

"Okay. I believe everybody got it, so let the games begin!!!" shouted Ashley.


Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn all had gotten out of the rope, but yet they had no communication even with the nearest country. They all had their phones, but all were dead and not of any use.

"So, how should we get out of wherever we are?" asked Niall. "Because I'm starving."

"You always say that." Said Zayn."

"Yes, but at least my hair isn't all messed up."

Zayn suddenly went from happy to plae and slowly touched his head. He screamed and tried to stick it back up using the water, which had disgusting features in it.

"Zayn! Stop. You look better like that." exclaimed Louis, gasping from laughing so hard.

"I wish my phone had battery so I could take a picture." said Harry, smirking.

Oh! Let me see what I look like!" said Zayn.

Harry pulled out his phone and Zayn looked into it like it was a mirror.

"Oooh! I look kinda cute!" said Zayn

The boys all sighed as Zayn continued to look at himself.

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