I'll Love You for One Day

One boy, one girl, one day.


2. So we have a deal.....

God she's so beautiful, she's so close to me!

Maybe this was a mistake.....

"Shit, why are my hands so sweaty."  he thought, and furiously wiped them on the sides of his tight jeans. He extended a hand to shake. She slowly extended a hand in return that he shook vigorously. "Hi my name's Henry,"

She smiled back, if weakly ""hi, my name's Jess,"

They stood awkwardly for a moment, both them desperate for the other to break the silence. He finally sighed and said "Look I just got out of a long relationship. And my friend Jack, well he dragged me along to basically," he made a pathetic attempt to explaining with his hands before saying "to get over her." He took a step back colliding into a huge man, who glared at him. He made a surrender gesture at him, before turning to Jess and seeing her eyes glittering as she giggled. He grinned manically.

Well at least he's funny.... She heard herself say "Okay, how 'bout this I  got dragged along too, because of this guy.. but you seem real nice."

"Um...thanks. You seem like a really great girl,"

Oh god we're pausing, why are we pausing, since when did dating get so hard? Since when did talking get so hard?!

"It's just that I'm not over him, and this is not usually how I get over someone, I mean how-"

"Would you like to get coffee with me?" he cut her off. His voice shook as he said it, but he was confident deep down. Very deep down. Confident that he'd  be rejected. His hand quickly grabbed a beer from the bar. He quickly downed it in one gulp. He didn't care that, that beer might have been someone else beer, he just needed the alcohol in him now.  

She stared at him, eyes wide. She was either very surprised, shocked or disgusted. He wished it wasn't any of those. He wished that she was smiling and she'd agree. As if that would happen. 

He made to grab another random beer.


He stumbled knocking a beer over a girl who squealed loudly alerting what looked like her boyfriend. Although the small part of his brain that was still functioning screamed at him to start furiously apologizing, his body froze. Including his mouth, opening it several times no words left.  Did she just say okay? Wait what? Okay to him, right? He started to bounce gleefully on the balls of his feet when he felt a big hand on his arm.

"Wait, no wait a minute. WAIT A MINUTE. WHY DID I JUST SAY OKAY?" Okay? What happened to all those thoughts of actually having a conversation with the guy for, I don't know an actual minute. Although to be frank they had been standing there for more than a minute. It'd just been a minute filled with awkward pauses and occasional, but definitely accidental eye contact. But there was no way to retract her agreement, maybe he was actually nice. Suave,was her ideal type, just that she didn't know yet. Never judge a book by its cover, see that was a motto to live-oh my goodness why is that giant approaching?!

"Mate, did you just spill beer on my girlfriend?" a deep voice boomed from above. He made a glance upwards, then instantly regretted it. A Greek god stared down at him, in what was a surprisingly handsome glare. "Mate, did you just spill BEER ON MY GIRLFRIEND?!" His body was still frozen from shock, as well as fear now. But somehow he managed to find enough logic within him to stutter back quickly "Ye-yeah I'm so-sorry sir. I'll pa-pay for the dry clea-cleaning. PLEASE. SORRY" ending the painful encounter abruptly with a bow. 
"Are you screwing with me?" the Greek god shouted, drawing the glances of others.

"Holy mother of... What had I got myself into." These thoughts zipped through her mind.  Noticing the glances of others as the giant continued to shout, she blushed and slyly but definitely raised her hand to shield herself from the humiliation."Please don't think I'm with him! I'm sure he's a really nice guy, and what I'm saying I'm sure karma will definitely punish me for. BUT PLEASE GET AT LEAST ME, OUT OF THIS SITUATION."

"Oi!" another voice bellowed across the bar. Amazingly the god alerted, swiveled his head and spotted the owner of the voice. "Hey Jason, sup mate!" A hand clasped the god's shoulders, Henry's savior.
Jack gave a wide smirk "How's Breanna been doing?" The god's eyes widened and quickly shot to the tiny blonde next to him. She was oblivious to the chaos she had caused and was staring seductively into the bartender's eyes. "Hey, Jack. Um Breanna how would I? I don't know I rarely speak to her these days."
Jack widened his eyes mockingly in confusion "Oh is that so? 'Cause I could have sworn I saw you two at the hotel a few days ago. I mean in the middle of the day. Really now? That's, well that's a whole new level." The blonde, apparently tired of her "staring contest", finally turned her head and spotting the newcomer scanned him up and down. Then a wide grin spread on her face, like a cat who had spotted milk.

"Okay, karma thank you I will so pay you back. One day I'll do, something. But thank you!" Jess sighed in relief openly, whoever the guy who had intervened she was certainly she owed her life to. Or at least Henry did. Taking a step back she realized "huh? He's hot. He is so my ideal type. Karma you definitely did your job right." Her eyes slid to the blonde, and she made a grimace. "Seriously?! On second thought karma is a..." She felt a tug on her shoulder, it was Lucy! "We're getting out of here. Are you and um...okay then?" Jess paused then replied "nah, I don't think he's interested let's get out of here." Lucy shrugged and said "up on the saddle, up on the saddle." And the two slipped away.

Henry dropped his shoulders, as relief overwhelmed him. He made his move "hi Jack! What up?" Jack turned to him and saying with his eyes what a thousand threatening words would say. "Oh not too bad, in fact I'm having some fun tonight. It would be a SHAME if it were to leave. But hey hey sometimes just got to let things go eh Jason?" Nudging him, Jason the Greek god, face turned stony as he muttered under his breath. If looks could kill, no if just atmosphere could kill. Henry's coffin would already be in the ground. Jason turned to him and muttered "This ain't over..."
"SO BREANNA said the craziest thing to me...." Jack cut in, and with a wink his face changed entirely. "I knew it, something would happen." Henry brought his hands up and quickly interjected "Look shall we..." Jason grunted, understanding his situation and promptly ushered the blonde who had been ogling Jack for the last few minutes and barked "we're leaving."
"bu-but honey, it's like..."
"I said we're leaving." The blonde paused, then smirked and replied "well you're making up for it later, yes?" Jason smiled weakly back "sure okay, we're going bye." And the troublesome couple left. Henry nodded his thanks to Jack, "no problem mate. Anyway how would....where'd she go?"
"Wait what?" The two turned left and right. But Jess had disappeared. "I knew it was too good to be true." Henry muttered. Jack patted him on the back, rubbed his shoulders in a rough manner saying in a none too comforting way "it's okay mate. It's only 10, the night it young."




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