I'll Love You for One Day

One boy, one girl, one day.


1. Meeting

He spotted her from across the room, beautifully scuplted oval face, maroon eyes that sparkled with glee, long curled blonde hair, flattering model like body and a grin that set his body on fire.

She spotted him across the room,  nerdy glasses perched on a bony nose that didn't fit the soft circular face. Brown curly hair that was unfashionably piled on top of his head. Limbs that were too long really for his body.  But a warm friendly smile that was directed at her right now.

"Should I wave?" he thought. He didn't go to clubs very often, and it showed. His palms were sweating, actually he was sweating all over. He nervously raised his hand and waved slowly, before retracting his hand quickly. What they hell possessed him to do THAT?!

Why is he waving? She tentatively waved back. Her friends giggled,"I think he likes you!" Another quickly said "ewwwww, too nerdy for my taste"  She looked at him again, her eyes quickly scanning him. He was kinda of cute ... in a really nerdy way. One pushed her forward, "You should go talk to him!"  She looked behind her, it was Lucy who had pushed her forward. She grinned back at her cheeky friend"you think?"

"Course, c'mon Jess. Like I said before, you just have to get back up on the saddle!"

"But with him?"

"C'mon! Giddy up!" she shrieked, the group of girls collapsing into giggles watching Lucy march around waving around an imaginary lasso.

What are they doing? He could see a small girl marching around, imitating some kind of cowboy? He was smacked so hard on the back, that it verged on being painful. He turned and grinned, back up! Finally! "What up my man?" hollered over the noise Jack. Jack, was the spitting sterotypical image of a rich, spoiled playboy. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and roguish smile that could have sent chills up any girl, or woman. It was simply a miracle that he was best friends with someone like him. "Nothin', but hot chick 12:00"

Jack followed the command and spotted the gorgeous girl. "Phwoar she's bloody hot isn't she?" Jack quickly noticed Henry's nervous jig. "Why don't you go talk to her?" Henry stared at Jack. 

"I thought you hear what you said. She's HOT. I'm NOT. I was simply.....scouting her out for you." Jack sighed, and looked to the heavens throwing his hands up. "How are you going to get over Lindsey, if you aren't even trying?"

Henry yelled back "What if I don't want to get over her? Jack she's the one I want!"

Jack stepped menacingly close to him and barked "If you don't hit on her, I will it you!"

Henry nervously stepped back, it was a joke and he knew it. But Jack had a tendency to overdo things, even when he was trying to help. Henry made a split decision between a painful encounter with he girl that would leave him scarred for life, or a painful encounter with Jack's fist.

Henry held his hands up in surrender. "I'm going! I'm going!" Jack expression changed quickly, and a huge grin enveloped his face. "You go man!", and proceeded to slap Henry's ass as he quickly escaped.

Oh my god! He was coming to me! She turned to Lucy and asked frantically "What do I do? He's heading straight for us."

Lucy simply grinned and pointed ahead and said "Nooo. He's heading straight for you. Oh wait he's already here!" Giggling she and the other girls ran off, leaving Jess to, well Henry.




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