Just shut up

Ok so I dont know what to call this, but the characters are going to be One Direction and I...and basically what im going through right now. So basically just shut up cause people have feelings. Comment what you think please! x


3. The some place

Sammi's POV-

Niall lead me to the car, then opened it for me as I thanked him...I noticed some guy crying! Wait! A guy crying?! I rushed over to him, to see none other that Harry Styles.

"Harry! Whats wrong?" I asked concerned as I embraced him in a hug.

"T-Tay-Taylor broke up w-with me...saying that I-I was w-worthless!" he sobbed out as he clung onto me. I always hated seeing him cry! It just broke my heart.

"That bitch! Wait til I-" I was mid-sentence until I saw Taylor Swift clung onto Niall "I will be back." I said through gritted teeth, as I stood up and talked over to them.


Niall's POV-

I watched as Sammi waled over to Harry and comforted him, man Taylor is such an ass. Suddenly I felt two small arms cling around my body, I turned to face Taylor...man that bitch! I was about to say something, but Sammi came walking over...and not looking one bit happy, as she made the shhh sign...then pried Taylor off of me, pulling her to the ground.

"Listen bitch, come anywhere any of us and I will beat your ass." Sammi threatened.

"I-Im not a-afraid of you." Taylor stuttered, trying to pull it off but clearly she was scared. Sammi then slapped Taylor, causing her to scream out in pain.

"Now stay the hell away from us. Got it?" Sammi threatened.

"Yes sir!" Taylor siluted.

"Sir?!" I asked.

"Its clear she has a dick!" she responded a bit heisently (sorry cant spell). Suddenly...Taylor was pinned to the ground by Sammi getting punched after punch haha sucks to be Taylor!

"Lets go now." Sammi said, as she was finished. And with that we left Taylor on the ground bleeding half-to-death.

"Come on Haz!" Sammi said as she helped him up, he wrapped his legs around her body like his life was depending on it as he cried into her neck.


We finally arrived at the 'Some Place' as I heard Sammi gasp at the amazment.

"W-what?" she asked astonished.

"Welcome to Harry's House!" I exclaimed.

"And...Sammi's house!" Harry pipped up.

"What do you mean?" Sammi questioned.

"Sammi, I have known you for 2 years and I can not help, but FANBOY over how amazing you have been! I have fallen in love with you since day one...so what I am trying to say is Samantha Nicole Green, will you do the honor of being my girlfriend?" Harry asked.

"Ummmm...about that...." Sammi said a bit hesintly...

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