Just shut up

Ok so I dont know what to call this, but the characters are going to be One Direction and I...and basically what im going through right now. So basically just shut up cause people have feelings. Comment what you think please! x


4. The answer

Sammi's POV-

"Ummmm...about that...." I began hesintly "I would love to...but what about that fandom and the paparatzi?" I questioned.

"There will be some hate and stuff from the fandom and we will stop it as much as we can, but for the paparatzi we will try our best all of us, to stop it." Niall said.

"And you approve?" I asked, with a small smile.

"I mean of course he is the flirt, but he is also really nice. Just try it...you never know until you try." he responded.

"So will you please?" Harry asked.

"....yes" I whispered.

"It was worth a try." Harry said sounding a bit disappointed, did he just not hear me?

"Dude, she said YES!" Niall exclaimed.

"Really?" he asked excitedly.

"Yes...how could I not?" I questioned, as soon as Harry swooped me in his arms, then kissed me. The kiss was so undescribable. His lips tasted like cherries as his breath tasted like mint...my new favorite taste.

Harry Styles, you have taken away my first kiss.

As soon as we pulled apart, there were applause, I looked around and found all the guys and a girl...wait she looked familiar.

"Sammi?" she questioned.

"Tara?" I questioned, soon enough we were in each other's embrace.

"I missed you." we both said in unison.

"Wait you guys know each other?" Liam asked.

"Yes..she is my bestfriend.." I said.

"And my girlfriend.." Zayn said.

"No way!" I exclaimed.

"Ya way!" she said as she started to fangirl, jumping up and down.


"Im tirrrrrred!" I said sleepily. It sounded like I was drunk.

"Ok, lets get you to bed then babe." Harry said as he helped me up to our room. Suddenly I hit domething soft then I was out cold.

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