Just shut up

Ok so I dont know what to call this, but the characters are going to be One Direction and I...and basically what im going through right now. So basically just shut up cause people have feelings. Comment what you think please! x


1. Introduction:


Hey guys, this is me Sammi. I have been through alot, so have a few of my friends. But that still doesnt change who I am today. Well...maybe a little. I cant eat around people from what my stepbrother has done. But no worries, its done and dealt with. Then again, it sticks with me for the rest of my life. I try to put it behind, but its not that simple.

Imagine it being one breezy amazing summer and you are on your way to a pool, public or personal it doesnt matter, and your stepbrother who you were really close to walks besides you. For some random reason you guys end up talking about sex. No idea how that ended up being the topic, but you continued to talk about it. When you finally got down to the pool, you stripped down to what you were wearing in the pool, in this case you just got enough guts to wear your bathingsuite...one that didnt show off your stomach, cause you were too insecure. When you finally jumped into the icecold water, your boob brushed up against someones hand, when you came to the surface...you saw your stepbrother the closest to you. Im not trying to make this weird for you, but it happened to me before and lets just say...it wasnt the first time.

A few days back, you went to go give away hugs for the night or whatever and when you reached your stepbrother, he touched your boob. When you pulled away from him, he looked at you smirking. You then took your hand and smacked him, causing him to be taken aback. When he asked what that was for, you said for touching you...but then he said that you already gave him approval...which trust me you didnt cause you would have remembered.

It all leads down to the day I had killed him. The day he tried raping me. The day that I got taken to court...the day my parents turned me in...the day your cousin had to brake you out of jail...the day that I fell in love.


**Hey guys this is me the author Sammi...some of this is what i have been through yes, but not all of it so be careful what you read! x Sammi**

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