Just shut up

Ok so I dont know what to call this, but the characters are going to be One Direction and I...and basically what im going through right now. So basically just shut up cause people have feelings. Comment what you think please! x


5. cant think of a name so Chapter 5

*Tara's POV*

Me and Sammi woke up extra early making sure the lads didnt hear us as we started to make breakfast.

"Ok so what first?" I asked as an idea then boiled into my head.

"PANCAKES!" we both whisper shouted making sure not to wake the lads up.

First we put the batter, eggs, and vegetable oil in a mixing bowl making sure we stirred it unlike the last time when we forgot ANYWAY. Second, we placed the batter in the sprayed pan making sure it was heated up. Yes we are stupid, because we touched the sizzling hot pan...dont judge us please haha. Lastly we were sure to flip the pancakes over making sure they were golden colored, the last time we made like 20 pancakes that were burnt and well Niall ended up eating them all haha. Finally after like half an hour we were done making all 20 pancakes and ended up with a room that smelt like tropical citrus mhm my favorite! Just then Liam and Louis walked down stairs rubbing their eyes and yawning.

"Good morning ladies!" Liam greeted as Louis said "Good morning my carrot lovers." dont ask where he came up with that one from cause I still have to figure that out.

"Good morning guys wanna help us?" Sammi questioned as she pulled out three packages of turkey bacon since we never really liked regular bacon.

"Sure!" they perked up then began to help us by placing some bacon in the microwave and some on the stove.


*Sammi's POV*

I was standing besides Liam as I was cooking the eggs, Louis was in charge of the microwave, as Tara was putting the things away. Suddenly I felt an arm across my waist.

"Not now Harry." I said with a slight giggle.

"Im not Harry..." he whispered in my ear ad my breathing hitched.

"Sammi?" someone asked, I turned my head to face Louis.

"Ya?" I asked with a slight sigh.

"Can we talk? Tara will take over your job." he questioned as Tara then turned around with wide eyes and nodded. I sighed then walked upstairs with Louis to his room.

"Yea?" I asked quietly as we sat on his bed.

"What happened back there?" he questioned as he looked into my eyes.

"I dont know...Liam just put his arm on my waist. I thought it was Harry out of all seriousness." I said out of honesty.

"Well..." he began with a sigh "Liam likes you like majorly. He confused the living shit out of me when he was trying to explain how much he liked you." he finished.

"So...Liam likes me?" I concluded as Louis nodded in agreement.

"Wait what?" I heard someone ask from the other side of the room, I looked up and saw Harry with confusion across his face,

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