Just shut up

Ok so I dont know what to call this, but the characters are going to be One Direction and I...and basically what im going through right now. So basically just shut up cause people have feelings. Comment what you think please! x


2. 2 years later

Ok so it has been 2 years since I have killed my stepbrother, for some reason when I killed him I just started laughing like an idiot. Yes you can say what a bitch you are for laughing at a guy who was just curious. Well, I dont give a shit. Curiousness I guess gets you into rape I guess. Well you wanna know what I say to rape? Fuck rape.

Right now im sitting in the bedroom, both my cousin and I share together. We have this special bond that we can tell each other everything. You may be wondering, 'who is your cousin?' well...his name is Niall Horan from One Direction.

"Sammi, you need to come down and eat!" Niall yelled from the kitchen.

"I dont want to!" I yelled back. Then suddenly there were loud footsteps coming closer and closer...then suddenly he shut my journal placing it on the top shelf of my closet.

"Eat. Now." he ordered.

"Nope." I said stubbornly. Suddenly I was placed over his shoulder and he ran down stairs with me. Urg he's so complicated! Finally he sat me down and opened my mouth placing the bagel in my mouth then making me chew it. Yes this was a normal routine. Finally when I was done with the bagel, I just hugged him.

"Thank you." I whispered.

"Baby girl, you cant do this to yourself." he said as he hugged me tighter, I have always loved his Horan hugs!

"The guys are coming over in a bit," he said "and we are going to some place...so get ready!" he ordered.

"Urgh! Fine!" I said as I went up to the room to get ready for the "fun" day they had planned. Yay! *hint the sarcasm*

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