A New Day, A New Experience

This is the story of a girl who has many dreams, but only one person accepts her and backs her up through everything, her true love, and best friend, Jesse. Experience her adventure as she explores the intense training of the military, the tough genre of showbiz, and the critically inclined world of making music.


1. Christmas Break

Aimee woke up, feeling fresh and renewed. Grateful, as well, for the extra sleep due to the break from school. She was in the eleventh grade, excelling in all her classes. She had not too much else to focus on, besides Jesse. He was the type of guy she never thought she'd fall for, but sure enough, after a year and a half of friendship, she realized that his company was something she yearned for more and more everyday. Not sure if she was acting on impulse or perhaps because of some otherworldly force, she told him her feeling. Figuring she had nothing to lose, and everything to gain.
He admitted that he could see them together, but needed some time to think. Nerve-wracked all day, Aimee waited for his response. Jesse was the type of guy that spent hours debating every move. Pondering almost every outcome; good and bad. Before the very last period of the school day, she found him standing outside her classroom.
"Have you made a decision about us?" she asked shyly, not wanting to say the wrong thing to him.
"Yes, I have, and I think.....why not? Lets try it." Aimee was so happy, and she didn't realize how upset she would've been if he had said no. She threw her arm around his neck, giving him a big hug. For once, she knew in her heart, that she was not alone.
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