You left me

Ella Peters. 17. Bad girl. Problem child.Strong-willed. She's the kind of girl you would purposely avoid in school. Her best friend is Zayn, the only boy she knows that has more problems than her. But what happens when Zayn tries out for the X-Factor and leaves her behind?


10. Chapter 9

Ella's POV

"Ellie? Were you listening?" James asked. James was my stepfather. What happened to my real dad you asked? I'd rather not talk about it. Too many bad memories. "Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm. No?" I said. "James said he got to 2 tickets to see 1 Direction! Isn't that wonderful!?!" my Mum asked.

"It would be. If............."
"If what." James said.
"If I knew who they were."

Girls at school were always screaming about them, including Avice. I didn't know who the hell they were.
"But hey, are they backstage James?" I asked.


"I'll go. But.........."

"NOW WHAT!?"My Mum asked.
" I need York credit card to buy a new outfit." I said slyly.
James was loaded.

"Sure! Take the visa." He replies instantly.
I took the card from his hand and ran out the door.
Let's see...
I wanted something blue, because that's my favorite color. I wandered around stores, and stopped in Forever 21 when I saw the perfect dress. I rushed in, find my size and bought it. I'm not really the type to wall around all day in heels anymore, so I bought a pair of blue high tops. I already had enough jewelry at home. Finally, I bought a blue varsity jacket. Satisfied, I went home.
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