You left me

Ella Peters. 17. Bad girl. Problem child.Strong-willed. She's the kind of girl you would purposely avoid in school. Her best friend is Zayn, the only boy she knows that has more problems than her. But what happens when Zayn tries out for the X-Factor and leaves her behind?


9. Chapter 8

2 Years Later

Ella's POV

It's the beginning of August, it's been two years since Zaynie haha I mean Zayn left. I haven't talked to Jordin since. We were never close anyway, she's a backstabbing bitch. I haven't hung out with Avice much either because she's always with Jordin, I miss her though.

Things ended pretty badly with me and Zayn but there's really nothing i can do about that. The fact that he kissed Jordin  was just.... it hurt way to much, even though we weren't dating it still hurt. We got into this huge fight and i basically said " Fuck off, I never want to see you again!" To be honest him kissing Jordin wasn't what hurt the most, it was the fact that he lied to me about it. I mean come on he was my best friend ever, my Zaynie. I would have trusted him with my life and he let me down. I don't know if I can forgive him.

Zayn's POV

I haven't been able to get her out of my head she's all I think about. The guilt is eating at me, i didn't get to say goodbye and i know i hurt her. I hurt her by lying to her, by leaving her without a goodbye. I don't know why keep hurting her i just... i just dont know. I regret leaving her i miss her so much!! I love her Jordin was just a mistake. Knowing Ellie she'll never forgive me. It's just something about her that i can't forget about her. If i could just hear her voice. I'll probably never see her again. By now she's either moved on or forgot about me. If there was only something I could do. She probably doesn't know about the band or the lads, after all boy bands were never really her thing.

Ella's POV 

Damn i miss him. I don't forgive him but i miss him. I miss the way he laughs, his sexy little smirks, even the way he worships his hare. I  let out a small laugh but stop myself. No I was supposed to be mad!!!  I wonder what happened after x-factor. Did he make it? of course he did is voice is perfection. I was really mad at him then so I didn't watch it. I wonder if he still sung my favorite song. He's probably famous and has millions of girls to choose from, he's forgotten about me for sure. After all i'm just me. I decide to look up his audition i bet it's on Youtube. I watch it, he sings perfectly and he sings my song!


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