You left me

Ella Peters. 17. Bad girl. Problem child.Strong-willed. She's the kind of girl you would purposely avoid in school. Her best friend is Zayn, the only boy she knows that has more problems than her. But what happens when Zayn tries out for the X-Factor and leaves her behind?


27. Chapter 25

Ella's POV


The next morning I woke up to Avi on the phone. I could hear both sides of the convo because she was sitting so close to me. I pretended to be asleep. "Why are they still together." A creepy voice demanded. "Who are you?" Avi asked, her voice shaking. She was scared. Avi never got scared. She was the strong one. "Why are you calling me?" She asked. "Break her and Zayn apart. Or I will." The voice said. Then the line went dead. And Avi dropped the phone. "Who was that?" I asked. "Um. No one" "Avice Parker do not lie to me cause I heard the whole conversation." Avi collapsed into tears. "I'm sorry Ellie! But they called me in class and told me not to say anything and I panicked!" "Shh darling. Its okay! But we have to tell the police." "NO!!" Avi yelled. "Why not?" I asked.


"Because they said if I told anyone they'd hurt you.


Avice's POV 


When the creeper called me again this morning, I answered, not expecting Ella to be awake. Okay this had been going on about twice a week every week for a while now. This was seriously scaring the fuck out of me. Then Ellie told me she wanted to call the police. "NO!!" I yelled. 'Why not?' She asked. " Because they said if I told anyone they'd hurt you." I said fearfully. Ellie's eyes got wide with fear. " So now you see why we cannot and I mean CANNOT tell anyone?" I asked her. " Y-yes. B-b-but how long has the voice been calling y-you?" She stuttered. " About twice a week." "Avi why didn't you tell me?" "You know why." ' Okay fine, but I am sleepy so I am going down to Starbuck's. Do you want anything?" She asked. Um " Yeah, a Vanilla Spiced Latte pleasers!' I said. " Okay let me shower and then I'll go". She said. " Are you using the upstairs or downstairs bathroom?" I asked. " Downstairs because I won't have to walk as far to the door." She said with a smirk. " Kay I'm going to shower upstairs. I was still in the shower washing my hair when Ellie yelled that she was leaving. "BYEEEE ELLIEPHANT!" I yelled back.When I got out, I changed into my comfort outfit. ( and sat down on the couch to watch some TV before Ellie came back.



Ella's POV

That creep had been calling Avi for around a month! I was so frusterated. The only reason why I didn't call the police at that moment was because Avi didn't want me to. So instead, I changed the subject. I got Avi's order, and went to take a shower downstairs. I washed my hair with my favorite strawberry shampoo, and changed to go out. ( I hadn't  worn any of my clothes in a while. I was always dressing up, trying to impress people. This felt nice. I'm going to stop worrying about what they think. Or try to at least. "BYE AVISTER" I yelled upstairs to her. "BYE ELLIEPHANT!!!" she yelled back. I had never seen my best friend like this. I need to try and cheer her up. But how. Got it. I knew she had a crush on Niall. First, I have to call Zayn. I'll do that after she leaves for classes at 4. On my way to Starbucks, I slipped my Beats on so I could listen to Eminem. My favorite rapper, besides Lil Wayne of course. When I got there, I ordered a Caramel Frappuccino for me, and ordered Avi her Vanilla spiced latte. I sat down to wait for my drink, and I turn to the side and saw Niall. He had on his beanie and sunglasses, but I knew it was him. Perfect. " Hello Munchster" I said. Munchster was my nickname for him. " He looked up, startled. "Hey Smelly Ellie" He said, smiling. " So Munch, I have a serious question for you," I started. " Whatever it is, Louis did it." He said. " Calm down Munch, I was just going to ask if you like Avi." I said. He turned red quickly. " HA! So you do!" I said. " Does she know?" He asked, still red. "No, but I happen to know that she likes you too." " Okay-WHAT?" "You heard me. Avi likes you too." "So, d-do you think I should ask her out?" "Definitely." "Thanks Ellie." He said, suddenly relieved. " No problem Munchster. But they're calling my name for my coffee now so I gotta go. Bye" "Bye.' He said. I started to walk away "Oh and Ella!" He said. I whipped around, my hair hitting me in my face. "Nice outfit" He said smirking. I gave him the finger and got my coffee. I walked home, opened the door, and dropped the coffee on the floor. Avi was passed out on the couch with a sticky note on her forehead.


Next time, she won't be breathing.


It was signed with a symbol ( I called the ambulance, and fell on the floor to cry. 

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