You left me

Ella Peters. 17. Bad girl. Problem child.Strong-willed. She's the kind of girl you would purposely avoid in school. Her best friend is Zayn, the only boy she knows that has more problems than her. But what happens when Zayn tries out for the X-Factor and leaves her behind?


26. Chapter 24

Avi's POV I was in the middle of a conversation with this guy called Randy in math class when I got a call. When I looked at the caller I.D it said blocked. My heart sped up. I had watched my share of pretty little liars. Yet, something drove me to press answer. "What do you want?" I asked. "Get her away from Zayn. Or else." a creepy distorted voice said. "Wha-" I started to ask. But the voice hung up. Mere moments later, I got a text from Blocked again. "Don't tell anyone. I have more than 2 eyes." Now I was starting to get paranoid. I looked around the room with fear. There were billions of people in the world. Oh god no matter where I go someone could be watching me. And I would never know. I guess for now, I would have to keep my mouth shut. Jordin's POV

There were pics of them everywhere. I knew she went to the concert. Zayn was mine! I marked my territory 2 years ago! He was mine. All mine. They need to be away from each other. It was for their own good. I knew they wouldn't leave each other on there own. They were to "in love" to do that. So I was going to need the help of a few friends. First, I called the nerd. "You got Demente!" His annoying voice answered. "Dem! I need to ask you a favor." I got straight to the point. I'm not really friends with anyone. I use them for what I can get out of them. And they do the same. Need a murder? I'm your girl. Technical difficulties. You call Dem. "I need you to get me a phone with a voice disorientor." "Those are wack. How bout I just buy you an IPhone and install all your necessities?" he asked. "Sure." "Cool, just text me the details." After I hung up with Dem, I called Spium. The spy guy. He has people everywhere. She won't slip away for 1 moment. And if that fails, I have rope and chloroform in my closet. Ella's POV "I can't believe you suggested we go shopping right after classes today Avi!" We had just gotten back from our journey across the mall. And my feet bloody HURT! "Oh shut up Ellie you know you wanted to go anyway." "Okay maybe just a little." "Ha! VICTORY!" She sang. I really loved this girl. She had a hard life back when we were younger. "I'm gonna put a CD. Kay?" I asked. "Okay! She yelled from her room. I put in one of my CDs. And by my CDs, I mean I loaded a ton of different songs onto a CD. I can't just like 1 artist ya know? The first song that played was Hangin By A Moment by Lifehouse. All of a sudden, Avi jumps on my back singing "I'M FALLIN EVEN MORE IN LOVE WITH YOUUUU!" See? This is why she is my best friend. She's random and knows all the lyrics to every song. We fell down in a heap of laughter. And that is how our afternoon went. Jumping around screaming lyrics at the top of our lungs. Harry's POV I hadn't come out of my room since I got home that night. I sat in my bed all day listening to the most depressing songs. Particularly Breathe Me, by Sia. I hadn't eaten, or showered. I was pretty sure I looked a mess. "Harry you have to eat." Niall said. "No." "Harry PLEASE!" he said. "No Niall LEAVE!" I yelled. I had never yelled at Niall before. He ran out. Minutes later, Liam came in. With a plate of spaghetti. He set it down in front of me. "Eat." he said. "No". "Harry Edward Styles you are going to eat and then you are going to shower. And then we are ALL going to talk." he said "And whos going to make me?" I asked. "I will sit here until you finish. And if you don't eat on your own I'll feed you." He said. So I ate. Then Liam picked out clothes and said "Go shower." I obeyed. Then we walked down stairs. Louis was sitting with Niall, who had tear stains on his face. That made 4 of us. "Zayn! Get in here!" Liam yelled. God why does he have to be so responsible? Zayn walked in, looked at me, and walked back out. Liam immediately walked after him and sat him in a chair. "We are going to talk. Now." Liam said. "Li's right. This is getting out of hand" Louis said. "No its not" Zayn and I said at the same time. "Really. Harry when have you even yelled at Niall?" Louis asked. I didn't answer. "And Zayn, Harry is your best friend. Since when do you punch your best friend?" Liam said. "Since he decided to go behind my back with the girl I thought I told him I love d. Did I not say I loved her in front of you?" He asked. "I do not want to be in here when shit goes down." Niall said. He went upstairs to his room. "Harry he did say loved her at the concert." Liam said I didn't care. "I know." I replied. "You know? YOU KNOW?! If you knew I loved her why would you kiss her? I thought you were my best mate Harry." Zayn said "Sound like this whole thing is your fault Hazza." Liam said. "How?" I asked. "You let yourself fall in love with a girl you knew Zayn loved. Not only that but you kissed her! Dude you deserved to be punched. You forgot the #1 rule." Louis said. "Bros before hoes" Liam continued. "Even though El isn't a hoe." Zayn finished. I looked at him when he said that. You could see in his eyes how much he loved her. I've been such a dick the past few days! A selfish dick! I hugged Zayn. "Sorry man. I've been such a dick." I said. "Forgiven."

~Authors Note~

hey babes i know we havent posted in a while but alots been happening i've been sick and things like that but i hope you like this. this was mostly written by lili  but me and lili think that we are gonna have days of the week assigned to updating because then you guys will know (we'll tell you next chap!) also lili's email will be down for a while because gmail gave her a virus so if you have something to tell us we will be sharing my e-mail ( yes i still use gmail. so e-mail us there ok xoxo bye 




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