You left me

Ella Peters. 17. Bad girl. Problem child.Strong-willed. She's the kind of girl you would purposely avoid in school. Her best friend is Zayn, the only boy she knows that has more problems than her. But what happens when Zayn tries out for the X-Factor and leaves her behind?


19. chapter 19

Zayn's POV

When I got to the studio, Simon said all they wanted was for me to record a couple solos. It didn't take long. As soon as I was done, I ran out, trying to get home as quick as possible to call Ellie. Normally it took 20 minutes, but today it took all of 10. Today, everyone was home. But 1 person. "Hey Liam, where's Harry?"" He said something about going to visit Ella why?" Ella. MY Ella? My blood boiled. I ran to my room and locked my door. Just thinking of what they could be doing made me angry. Someone is going to have a broken nose......
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