You left me

Ella Peters. 17. Bad girl. Problem child.Strong-willed. She's the kind of girl you would purposely avoid in school. Her best friend is Zayn, the only boy she knows that has more problems than her. But what happens when Zayn tries out for the X-Factor and leaves her behind?


14. Chapter 14

Zayn's POV

I run on stage full of energy and stamina when I look out into the crowd and see Ellie I decide it couldn't really be her so I continue to sing. I look back over and she's staring at me like she sees a ghost then I realize it was really her I stop right in the middle of my solo in little things I'm speechless and I can't move I feel numb the girl that's been on my mind every minute who's been keeping me awake at night and is sometimes in my dreams is right in front of me close enough for me to touch. A involuntary smile spreads across my face it's just her face brightens my day, I instantly wipe the smile from my face trying to hide my emotion. Why was she here, she doesn't like boy bands and i know it. Did she even know I was in the band? I just stand there gobsmacked and numb I can't move or say anything but Ellie. I say Ellie into the mic sort of questioningly (if that's a word)  then i say it again reassuringly I chuckle mentally as the crowd stares in the direction of my gaze. I can't help but smile at how beautiful she is when she blushes. I am pulled out of my thoughts by Niall nudging me to continue. I snap back into reality and continue little things with a smile on my face.

Ellie's POV

He stops his solo and stares at me for a second i feel happiness rush through me i'm a BIT happy he noticed me but then I realise that he is the one who hurt me to my soul the one I've liked since third grade but fell in love with in middle school my best friend forever the one who pulled me out of a sort of depression I love him so much. He says my name into the mike as if it was a question then says it again more to reassure his self this time. I feel the heat rise o my cheeks and I can feel myself turn red from head to toe. Avi nudges me and begins to laugh un controllably, I shoot her a glare and I see the blonde one nudge Zaynie *cough* Zayn (god i have to stop doing that) and he continues his solo in Little Things I think that's what Avi said it was. I sigh and relief slump in my seat and continue to listen to the music. To be honest they were really good, I specially like Up All Night and Moments.

*After the Concert* 

Avi's POV

I saw the way Zayn stared at Avi with love in his eyes then  i understood that Zayn loved her and never mean to hurt her by leaving, but Ellie is really headstrong and once you hurt her that's usually it but Zayn is special and she will see that. I turn around ans see Ellie running for the door OH HELL NO!! she is coming backstage with me no matter how much she protests kicks or screams I will drag her if I have to her and Zayn are meant to be and dammit they will be If its the last thing I do I will get them together. I grab her arm and pull her to the side. I start out calm "Ells your coming back stage with me right?" "HELL NO!!" SHE SCREAMS IN MY FACE. Ok she's definately goin I grab her hand and drag her backstage I know she saw this coming.

Ellie's POV

She is not doing this. No I protested!! she is dragging me backstage, and no matter how much my heart is telling me to go I just can't face Zayn not after two years not after how things ended just no I can't. As I have probably mentioned before believe it or not Avi is srong as hell!! She is only  5'3 but she is as strong as a fricken body builder, well compared to me she is. I am pretty strong but only when i'm in danger or need to be. I know there's no stopping Avi she is the only person who I don't get what I want from I mean what can I expect she is my bestfriend. We reach the back stage door and she totally fan-girls, but I expected this I mean she is meeting her idols. We walk in to see all of the band sitting on the couch.

~authors Note~

Ohhhh cliff hanger!! What do you guys think is going to happen? Is Ellie going to forgive Zayn ahahaha

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