Help me, PLEASE!

Laura Belle lives in Doncaster London with her step-dad, she secretly gets abused and no one believes that her step-dad killed her mother 6 year old brother and 15 ear old sister their bodies are in the basement but he stepdad doesnt let her down there... she witnessed the whole killing but never said a word beause she knew she would be next. She tried running away but he always managed to find her. But how? will see run away again? will see find help? most importantly will she get found? She runs into a nice boy to take her in. But what will happen once he finds out why she ran away? so many questions but one small answer. Help....


3. The X Factor

Harry's POV:

Laura's been liveing here for 3 months and i love it. I broke up with Vanessa and now i'm dating Laura sometimes she still cries at night of the thought of her family members dieing she told me everyting the night she came. I sing her to sleep sometimes na dthen the bad dreams don't come. Today i'm taking her to a carnival and hoefully she will cheer up :) "Laura you ready?" i yelled "almost Haz hold on" She gave me that cute little nickname and it's really catchy ;) "Haz i wanna drive" she said smiling "you sure?" i asked holding her hands "Yes babe i'm positive" she said kissing me i kissed back adn she bit my lip "lets go" she said letting go of one hand and pulling me towards the door. Once we got in the car she turned the radio on 'Hey i just met you! and this is crazy, so here's my number Call Me Maybe!" she sang i laughed as she sang to me. "Where are we going?" i asked looking out the window as she parked "You are auditioning for 'The X Factor' my face dropped "No No No, i can't sing!" i said staring at her "You can so lets go" we got out the car and into the Arena i got a number stapled to my shirt and about five minutes later i heard my name "Harry Styles" someone called "your up babe and ill be right here watching you dont get nervous ok? i love you" she said kissing me well i wasnt nervous but i sure was scared out of my mind! "i love you too" i said before walking on stage "Hello Harry" the judges said "um Hello" i spoke into the microphone "and why are you good for the x factor?" a lady spoke "well, i wasn't planning on being here my girlfriend signed me up but i think im good enough" i said as the audience laughed  "well ok tell us about yourself" A man spoke "i'm 18 a student and work at a bakery" i said te woman spoke again "what will you be singing today?" "um, Isn't she lovely by stevie wonder" "proceed"

' Isn't she lovely

Isn't she wonderful

Isn't she precious

Less than one minute old

And i never thought through love we'd be

Making one as lovely as she

But isn't she lovely

Made from Love'

I sang and the judges nodded "i think your good kid " the lady spoke "thank you" "um sorry i say no" a man spoke "Boo." i said into the microphone "Your good to me" Simon spoke. I nodded an dwalked off the stage and ran to Laura and hugged her "You were amazing!" she said "thanks babe" i kissed her after about 25min i got called back but their was a line off people"when i call your name please step foward" simon spoke "Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, and NIall Horan" he spoke we all stepped foward i lloked at the other guys "you are too good to let go so you'll be out in a band but you have to think of a name" The lady spoke i knealed down adn yes I cried. There was this blonde headed kid come over to me an dpat my back and help me up we all hugged and the first person to talk was the blonde kid "Lets all dress up like Louis because i like his shoes" he said we all laughed i ran backstage adn grabed Laura and spun her around "I love you so much" i said in her ear "I love you too" she laughed i put her down "aw baby you crying" she said wiping my tears away "im happy thats why!"

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