Help me, PLEASE!

Laura Belle lives in Doncaster London with her step-dad, she secretly gets abused and no one believes that her step-dad killed her mother 6 year old brother and 15 ear old sister their bodies are in the basement but he stepdad doesnt let her down there... she witnessed the whole killing but never said a word beause she knew she would be next. She tried running away but he always managed to find her. But how? will see run away again? will see find help? most importantly will she get found? She runs into a nice boy to take her in. But what will happen once he finds out why she ran away? so many questions but one small answer. Help....


2. Let's go to your place!

Laura's POV:

I ran back to the school to get Maddie who was standing  by the gate on her phone "how dare you?" she asked as we walked abck to the place where i left Harry "i'm sorry i was caught in the moment" i said laughing once we reahced harryHe smiled "Hi, i'm Harry" he said shaking my sisters hand "M-Maddie" she stuttered i tried to hide my laugh "Let's Go" i said "where?" she asked "Home" i said looking at her she stoped and grabbed my arm as Harry kept walking "he can't come to OUR house with OUR murderer father" she whispered "shit. I totally forgot um ok" i said i jogged up to harry "change in plans can we go to your place?" i asked with a smile across my face "sure" he laughed . He only lived like 2 blocks away?! holy shit. We walked to his house which was huge! "Well this is my house it's not much but ehh it fits" he said opening the door , when we walked in it was like a palace "holy fuck" i said i covered my mouth "sorry" i said apologizing for my language he removed my hand "it's ok" he chuckled "this place is amazing" i said looking around "yeah, i guess" he led us upstair to his room which i must say is just wow."Hey Lala? i need to get home to Logan, make sure he's ok" Maddie said. Logan is our 6 year old brother he gets dropped off at home since we're in different schools "um yeah ok, wnat me to walk you?" i asked "nope, it's fine" she said "bye harry nice meeting you" she said leaving "gooodbye" he waved. I faced him god he's gorgeous he smiled and i just realized he was leaning into me our lips were hovering over eachothers until the door burst open "Hey babe, um-" she began but looked up i moved away and looked back to see Vanessa Standing in the door way "oh, hey Ness" he smiled at her but it looked like a fake smile. Vanessa was wearing really short shorts a tank top that showed her stomach and some flip flops she looked like a complete WHORE. I laughed at myself "what's so funny miss physco" she said i looked down "i'm not a physco" i said harry looked confused "yeah well your father sure is, let's see your skin?" she laughed i felt a tear roll down my cheek and i instantly wiped it, i grabbed my bag and got up "i'll um, see you later Harry" i said trying to push past Vanessa "aww, where you going? the whore house" she asked "Vanessa STOP!" harry yelled "Stop acting like that, Laura where are you going we have to do the project" he said i sucked my teeth "i'm going home, we'll work tomorrow.... at the park" i said before leaving the room. I let the tears roll down my face until i reached home. There were 2 police cars outside my house and yellow tape around my yard i went up to an officer "What's going on? this is my house?" i said "oh are you um, Laura Belle?" he asked "yes" i said worried "there's been three killings in this house you need to pack your belongings and leave " he spoke looking at his notepad . THREE?! Only my mom has been killed unless. OH MY GOD, he killed Maddie, and Logan. The tears started coming back i had just seen Maddie. And Oh my baby Logan. I was their only protection. I ran inside and packed everything i prepared for this but i wanted My sister and my Brother along side. i grabbed boxes and packed everything until my room was blank. it only took atleatst 25min. I'm fast, it was time to stop being so nice, so fragile. It was time to get tough. I grabbed the boxes and left the old house taking one last look i walked and i walked and i walked until i reached Harry's house.

Harry's POV:

That whole thing with Vanessa and Laura was totally stupid i mean why does Vanessa hate Laura she's so sweet, and what was all that physco stuff about?! whatever. I heard a knock on the door "i'll be back. Stay right there" i told Vanessa she likes to wander threw my things. I went and opened the door to show Laura with 2 boxes and 3 bags in her hand "Hello" she said her voice cracking "Laura? are you ok?" i asked bringing her inside "i need a place to stay, can you please please PLEASE let me crash here for a while?" she pleaded "of course" i pulled her into a hug until i seen Vanessa come downstairs  "well, isn't it the wittle whore?" she said "Vanessa-" i began but got cut off "i got it, and sorry in advance" Laura said "sorry for what?" i asked as Laura punched Vanessa in the nose and Vanessa fell to the ground "Woah" i said looking at Vanessa. Laura's tougher than i though ;) i like that.

                                                 3 Months Later

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