Help me, PLEASE!

Laura Belle lives in Doncaster London with her step-dad, she secretly gets abused and no one believes that her step-dad killed her mother 6 year old brother and 15 ear old sister their bodies are in the basement but he stepdad doesnt let her down there... she witnessed the whole killing but never said a word beause she knew she would be next. She tried running away but he always managed to find her. But how? will see run away again? will see find help? most importantly will she get found? She runs into a nice boy to take her in. But what will happen once he finds out why she ran away? so many questions but one small answer. Help....


4. I need you!

Laura's POV:

Well harry has been spending alot of time with the boys but i guess thats good because they need to bond. But now im just at this house all alone. I'm still friends with kayla but i barely see her she's always with her boyfriend. I need morer friends... I called harry's phone




'Hello?" "Hey Haz where are you? i miss you!" i whinned into the phone "im sorry i was withthe boys ill be home in a min" Thank god "oh and they guys are coming also" i sighed i mean i love the boys but i just want it to be us."Fine. Bye harry" i hung up. UGH! im really happy that he's spending time with them but damn can i get some time alone with my boyfriend?!

I heard the door open and Louis jumped on the jump and hugged me "HELLO LAURA!!" he screamed "Hi Lou" i said silently. I looked at harry smiling and i fake smiled. louis let me go then got off the bed "well. This is just a no." Louis said looking me up and down. "what?" i asked "your clothes" i was wearing sweats and harry's t-shirt "whats wrong with them"i asked looking at my clothes "you need stripes" he said looking in my closet. He pulled out one of my lace bra's and gave it too harry i covered my face "oh my gosh" i said  The boys laughed as harry put it on i went up to harry and snatched it off. I was getting a big headache. I put the bra back and walked out of the room these boys are going to drive me CrAzY!!

Harry's POV:

Laura seemed a bit moody today. She didnt laugh nor did she give me a real smile. Something was bothering her. When i put the bra on he snatched it off and gave me a death stare and left the room.i followed after her and told the boy to stay in the room

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