Help me, PLEASE!

Laura Belle lives in Doncaster London with her step-dad, she secretly gets abused and no one believes that her step-dad killed her mother 6 year old brother and 15 ear old sister their bodies are in the basement but he stepdad doesnt let her down there... she witnessed the whole killing but never said a word beause she knew she would be next. She tried running away but he always managed to find her. But how? will see run away again? will see find help? most importantly will she get found? She runs into a nice boy to take her in. But what will happen once he finds out why she ran away? so many questions but one small answer. Help....


1. Memories hurt..

 Laura's POV:

It was about 12:47am and i heard a noise in the hall i peeked my head out the door and saw my mother being dragged around the corner. I felt my mouth drop and tears roll down my face as i tip-toed around the corner but as i felt myself step in some gooey i looked down adn saw myself standing in a pool a blood. Lets get one thing straight I HATE blood! the sight the smell everything! it makes me wanna vomit i held my puke up and looked around the corner to see my step-dad putting my moms body into a blak cloth i covered my mouth and my father stopped as he slowly turned his head around i quickly poked my head back around the corner but i think he saw me he slowly moved my mother's now dead body and made his way down the hall as i crept back to my room. I jumped into bed and threw my head under the cover i heard the door creek back open and steps walking towards me. I felt my heart skip about 5 beats as i tried to quietly catch my breathe. His breathing was heavy , and i slightly moved to show i was asleep, He took another glance before backing out of the door. I quietly cried myself to sleep thinking about my mother and the way he dragged her down the hall when i then remembered i had her blood on my feet i took my phoneout to use it's light and looked under the covers and saw huge blotches of blood in my sheets. I gasped and the site i quickly got up and changed my sheets then ran  to my bathroom (GOD im glad i have a bathroom in my room)  i quickly got in the shower to rinse my body i stared at my feet and the bruises on my stomach from the night before. I refused to get in bed with him because i mean who the fuck would? he's mean , ugly , my fucking step-dad unfourtunatley , and he abuses me. When i refused he punched me in the stomach repeatedly. So i took my focus off my bruises and washed my hair once i was done i got out and wrapped a black towel around my body i looked at my clock and it was 6:30am , i aplied my makeup adn put in my contacts. I went to my closet and pulled out some ripped blue skinny jeans, my "I love Brits" crop top with a blue jean jacket on top, and my black & white converse. I dryed my curly long black hair and straightened it. I grabbed my phone and texted my friend Kim.

To Kim:

outfit please?


From Kim:

Black skinnys , white top , black vans. you?

To Kim:

Cute love, Blue ripped skinnys , crop top , black and white con. ;) see you at school front gate.


From Kim:

Luv it! alrght biotch see ya ;)

I threw my phone in my bag and creeped out my room door i knocked on my sisters (Maddie) room door telling her to get ready and that i was about to leave she came out with a smack mark across her face "oh god, babe come on let me fix that for you!" i said bringing her into my room i aplyed light makeup on her face to cover the mark. "thanks lala" she said Just to clear things up im the oldest im 18 . We walked out my room and i just stared at the rug with the blood stain. i took my focus off of it when Maddie tugged on my arm , we walked downstais to the kitchen and picked up banana's for breakfast "where do you think you guys are going" i heard a deep voice come behind me holy shit. "um.. s-school" i stuttered "ok, hurry the fuck up because im not dropping you off this time" he scowled in my ear "um ok, can i go to my friends house after school we have a school project and i dont want her to annoy you if we come here" i lied "whatever, but take your sister with you" he mumbled . Thank god "ok" we walked out the house and started towards school

"Laura?" "yes Madd?" "what happened last night?" oh god , when she asked me all the memories ran back "ill tell you after school" i tried to hide the tears since we were at school. I ran over to my friend Kim where she was with her boyfriend Keth he was pretty cool. "Lauraa" she called "hey kimmy , sup keth" i said excitedly we walked inside and went to our first class algebra -_- i sat next to this kid name Harry Styles he was pretty cute :) but he was taken... he had brown curly hair green/blue eyes and the cutest smile/dimples EVER! he was with ugh, Vanessa Dark she's like the 'queen bee' i hate her she hates me that's just how it goes. "ok class today we will be working on a project where you create 55 equations using the circumfrence and surface are of a cardboard box, now i will alow you to pick your own partner" my math teacher Mrs.Hicks exclaimed YES! Kim :) "but it will have to be someone you never worked with" god there WAS a catch i looked around the room glancing at my options when i spotted harry smiling at me with those cute dimples showing. oh god..

Harry's POV:

"but it will have to be someone you never worked with" my math teacher spoke hmm :) i smiled at laura as she glanced around the room why was she so beautiful? and why didnt i notice that before? she had LONG black hair , hazel eyes, beautiful laugh & smile , and was just so... different i liked that. She noticed me smiling at her and smiled back "what?" she asked "would you like to be my partner?" i finally asked she smiled "sure" "so should i come over your place today?""um yea sure" she answered a little unsure. after our periods we walked back to her place "shit!" she yelled "what? whats wrong?" i was confused and startled "i left my sister" she began to run back to the school and i followed. she had a sister? that's who that is oohh.

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