summer love

this story is about a girl who falls in love with liam payne and they have to leave each other at the end of the summer or do they?


2. The concert

There I was in the crowd .Front row able to touch his hand.  I couldn't resist it any longer I reached my hand out and he touched it. All I could here was him and the boys singing the song."Only you , its gotta be you , only you."

Then the song ended and they fell back hands on there chests and threw the floor. Ribbons shot out of the floor and into the air. I caught one and stuffed it in my purse. They started making people exit unless they had a vip pass, wich I did, they led me where I could see the boys. The first thing I heard was niall whisper " Shes a hot one boys get your water hoses ready." I blushed ."Can you guys sign this for me?" I asked. "Sure anything for a fan." liam saidwith a cracky voice. "Do you want a picture too or are you a chicken like the rest?".harry joked. "I would like a picture too because im not a chicken."i protested . "uh huh" Louis joked.The boys got up and went in front of the photographer. "Say cheese" said the man. as soon as the man snapped the picture Liam swiped a kiss on the cheek. "huh" I gasped. "Did I catch you by surprise?". Liam asked. "yea" I giggled. " Well I tell you what your the last one of the fans with a vip pass so lets go to my dressing room ill change and we can get on the bus and have a little date kinda thing alright." Liam said and smiled. I couldn't talk or move I just stood there. " I geuss that's a yes then?" he said. I shook my head how stupid.


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