TalonClan's Rise

The entire Clan is in uproar when they figure out they have been lied to. Their leader, Viperstar, lied to them about following the Warrior Code, following the path that StarClan has placed out for him. Instead, he follows the Dark Forest, a group of blood thirsty cats, set out only to rid the Clan world from good.


1. Prologue

The dark red sun shone off the dark tabby cat's pelt as a slight breeze ruffled its pelt. As the cat opened its jaws, the cat turned its head to look at the cat she stood next to. Having a dark, gruff, voice that rumbled from its vocal cords, you could indentify it as a tom.

“Nightheart, are you sure that the borders are safe from SpruceClan?” Seeing the other cat, the one known as Nightheart nodded then spoke.

“Yes Viperstar. I’m absolutely sure.” Nightheart said, knowing she told the absolute truth.

Having a evil looking smiled cross the tabbies face, Nightheart cringed. Viperstar knew that the news of her wanting to destroy SpruceClan shocked her own Clan, TalonClan. As the leader rose to her paws, he let a small hiss escape his mouth.

"Oh if only they had. They wouldn't stand a chance against my Clan. Once we're done with them, we'll soon work our way around the other Clans, defeating them in the progress." Lashing his long tail, he whipped his head around at the deputy, shooting a glare.

"But what if GrassClan and EclipseClan join together and fight their way into our camp?" She meowed, hoping her leader wouldn't spit at her.

"Then we'll fight to the death if we have to. As long as we go down as the most famous Clan, I'll be happy." Narrowing his green eyes, she hissed. "Unless there's a problem with that Nightheart."

"No... no problem at all Viperstar." The dark she-cat said quietly, wishing she didn't sound like a scared kit right then."

Growling, the tom turned around and stalked away, his pelt bristling, showing his anger but fearlessness as he bunched his mucsles and headed towards the camp only so he could vist his other Clan, the Dark Forest.



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