TalonClan's Rise

The entire Clan is in uproar when they figure out they have been lied to. Their leader, Viperstar, lied to them about following the Warrior Code, following the path that StarClan has placed out for him. Instead, he follows the Dark Forest, a group of blood thirsty cats, set out only to rid the Clan world from good.


2. Dark Forest

Lowering himself into a slumber at moon-high, he closed his eyes and dreamt, dreamt of the Dark Forest and those who lead it. Looking around, the leader spotted a dark grey tom with glowing green eyes spitting at a younger member, one with a calico pelt. Snorting, Viperstar slunk closer to them, his eyes narrowed.

“Pinefur, Mistfoot.” She said with a rather gruff growling noise that came from her vocal cords. Seeing that the tom known as Pinefur spin around at the unexpected voice, his needle sharp claws already unsheathed.

“Viperstar. What did I tell you about sneaking up on your Clan mates like that?” Hissing furiously, the tom lashed his tail from side to side. Snorting, Viperstar turned her gaze to face the younger cat.

“What did this piece of fox-dung do this time?” He asked, feeling rather curious about the new comer.

“Oh. She wanted to go to StarClan instead of joining us, but of course, I changed her mind with a threat that even though she was wanting to go to StarClan and feel safe from us, I told her I would always haunt her thoughts, day and night.”

“Good choice of words, Pinefur, not to mention very true.” A nearby tom rasped. “Now we know she’ll stay with us and not betray since she’s always going to be trapped this bloody darkness we call home.” Swishing his tail as he spat the last words out of his mouth, he lunged at the unprepared she-cat, his claws already unsheathed, knocking the cat off balance. Having the battle going on for a few minutes, one of the other Dark Forest toms yowled.

“Come on Honeyfur! You’re fighting like a soft Clan cat!” The tom screeched at the young cat, narrowing his eyes, awaiting the younger cat to whip around and leave her opponent and start attack him.

Just lashing her tail, Honeyfur continued to fight the tom who attacked her first, Viperstar turned her head to gaze at the she-cat, admiring the females courage to face the old member who had much more training and knew the killer bite. Letting a smirk cross his face, he sat there, his brown and tabby tail wrapped neatly around his paws, watching them contently as they fought.

He knew it would be time for him to wake up and address the Clan and give Apprentice ceremonies to the newest apprentices in the Clan. Turning his head to look at Pinefur, he meowed. "It is time I must go." Nodding a farewell, his dream faded as he awoke in his den. Rising to his paws slowly, he opened his mouth and let out a yawn as he stretched. Heading out of his den, pushing the lichen that covered the entrance of his den out of his way, he hopped on small dents in the rock and made his way to the top, calling down to his Clan.

"Let all those cats old enough to catch their own prey, join beneath the tallstone for a Clan meeting."

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