Hopeful ~ A One Direction Fanfiction


A small town that isn't registered on any maps anywhere. Which soon a big star will come to visit, getting away from all the pressure and fame of city life.

Harry Styles.

A british stuck-up star that thinks he is a gift to women and can get anything by snapping his fingers.

Paige Summers.

A small-town girl that has no idea that soon her best friend will move, her mother will die, and one of the biggest stars in british history is going to fall hopelessly in love with her.

Join Paige and Harry on this cruel, yet fair rollercoaster that we call life while they face their fears, making it through challenges but still sticking together.


3. Pranked

I dropped my jaw. 




"You heard me." I stared at him, dumbfounded.


"Harry Styles, I will not sleep with you while you're naked." His smile faded but I stared directly into his eyes, hoping he'll listen to me.


"Don't worry, love. We're sleeping in a bunk bed." He smiled once again, except this time it was more of a sincere smile and not a smirk like before. So, I looked at him one last time before I headed to the top bunk bed, and he turned off the lights. I could hear him fidgeting around on the bottom bunk, he was probably taking off his boxers to sleep. I hugged my pillow with one hand under the pillow and the other on top and one of my legs in a humping position while the other stayed straight. And before I knew it, I was sleeping.


I woke up, to the sound of Harry's alarm. Today was Friday, I would have to go to school so I got off the bed and I noticed Harry was still asleep. I tried to wake him up by calling his name. Nothing. Wow, this boy was a heavy sleeper! I got closer and I called him again, a little louder. Nothing once again. This time I shook his shoulders and practically shouted in his ears. Still no reply!


"H-Harry.. Are you o-okay?" Silence.


"Harry! Respond me!" I came close to him to see if he was breathing... and he wasn't. I checked his pulse and... nothing!


"HARRY! Please don't leave me!" I could feel my eyes filling up with tears and cascading down my cheeks.


"PLEASE!" I couldn't stand it... Harry was the only person I had left in my life. All the others were gone, and now I lost him too...


"You were the only person I had left..." I was sobbing now, hugging my knees. 


"BOO!" Harry stood up, shouting in my face I jumped back in fear, my heart beating 5 times per second.


"PAHAHA, you should've seen your face!!" He was laughing and I could feel blood rushing to my face.


"SHIT, HARRY! I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD!!" I ran out of the room, leaving a trail of tears. Why does everyone hate me? What have I done to them that makes them do this to me?? I was now in the guest bathroom. It was mostly white and brown and full of candles, essences, and bubble bath bottles. It was quite fancy for a bathroom I locked the door in case Harry or anyone else decided to come after me. I looked in the mirror, almost not recognising myself. My green-blue eyes that were normally sparkly and shiny were now deep, they had countless bags under them, my skin had lost its natural glow and was now a sick yellow.


"Paige! I'm sorry!" It was Harry.


I payed no attention whatsoever to Harry and I continued looking in the mirror. I had two pimples forming, one on my chin and another on the corner of my forehead. I sighed and I bobbed my head low, scanning the sink. It was made of marble and metal and actually very pretty. 


"I'm sorry! Please open the door so we can talk!"







I was tracing the sink's outline and I had gotten cut. I spotted a shard of broken glass that had broken off the mirror and I thought back to when I was twelve/thirteen. 




"Hey Paige!" I turned my head around, looking to who was calling me. I then noticed as they got closer, that it was Jenny and Co. They were the bullies of my school and they made everyone feel insecure about themselves. I tried to run away, but one of Jenny's dude friends grabbed my shirt collar.


"Oh no you don't!" I gulped. 


"What do you want from me?!" I almost screamed.


"We just wanted to tell you that I won Student Body President!" Jenny smiled proudly, glaring at me. I've been wanting to  be President for a long time, and I'd do just about anything to get it. But Jenny had won. She always won everything. I gritted my teeth and I held back my screams and my shouts.(<--Haha) 


"I hate you Jennifer Lake!"


"SHUT UP YOU BEACHED WHALE!" One of her retarded friends screamed at me. They would call me lots of things that made me feel bad . 'Portly', 'Stumpy', 'Horizontally Challenged', 'Yeti', 'Sasquatch', 'the Juggernaut', and 'the Adominable Gummy Bear' were a few of their inventions.


"Yeah I would probably cry too if I had a stomach the size of the ocean blue!"



I felt a hand slap me. It slid across my face, leaving a red hand mark. And after that, punches, kicks and more slapping followed. I didn't say anything although I was suffering a lot of pain. That was the first day of many...


I snapped back to reality and to my ugly self in the mirror. After that beat-up session when I got home was the first time I had cut myself. I did it every time they would bully me. My parents always asked me what happened but I just responded that I had fallen or tripped. They decided to ignore it, probably just thinking it was a phase. And it was. After a while, I stopped.


And now here I was, reconsidering harming myself again.


I lifted the glass shard up to my wrist, ready to cut when suddenly Harry barged in.


"Paige, are you allri- WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" He grabbed the shard from my hand and threw it out the small bathroom window. I didn't dare to look up, he'd be raging. 


"Paige. What were you about to do?" He said sternly. I didn't respond, looking at the ground.


"What were you about to do?" He asked again, stricter this time.


"I was about to cut myself." I responded, without looking up. Our height difference made that easier.


"Why?" He asked, I could feel him staring at me.


"I c-can't tell you." I could, but I was afraid of what he would think of me.


"I sware I'll listen, and try to help."


"Y-you promise?" I finally looked up, his stare meeting mine.


"Yes." He said confidently. Could I trust him? I think so...


And so I told him everything that ever happened. Everything. From when I was a child to when I was bullied and even present day. After telling him all this information, I looked at him. He had a shocked expression on his face. 


"I knew it. You think I'm an idiot." My tears were once again trailing down my cheeks.


"Paige, you're everything but an idiot. You're friendly, nice, psychologically and physically strong, and beautiful."

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