Hopeful ~ A One Direction Fanfiction


A small town that isn't registered on any maps anywhere. Which soon a big star will come to visit, getting away from all the pressure and fame of city life.

Harry Styles.

A british stuck-up star that thinks he is a gift to women and can get anything by snapping his fingers.

Paige Summers.

A small-town girl that has no idea that soon her best friend will move, her mother will die, and one of the biggest stars in british history is going to fall hopelessly in love with her.

Join Paige and Harry on this cruel, yet fair rollercoaster that we call life while they face their fears, making it through challenges but still sticking together.


1. Goodbye

I ran crying up the stairs as Isabelle went away in that little taxi... Tears were falling down my cheeks as I thought of all the things we've been through, since I met her in the second grade... I still remember her sneaky smile as she put a tack on the teachers chair. Our teacher had gotten mad and I had taken the blame for her... Ever since, we have been bestfriends and she says we always will be, although I don't believe her. I know that she's probably never coming back, although she says that she'll visit. I was thinking of how corageous and smart she was, until someone was knocking on my door. 

I threw my pillow at my lilac door and shouted: "GO AWAY!", because I didn't want anyone else here that wasn't Isabelle. It was my mom knocking on the door, wanting to know if I was all right. I felt like shouting, running away, or even slapping someone, but instead I just said: "Fine, come in." My mom came in with a Kleenex, trying to wipe my face as I turned away from her. I was obviously all red, because I had felt my eyes throbbing. She tried to confort me, saying that I'll find a new bestfriend, that everyone soon goes away. I thought in my mind that she didn't know anything about friendship or love, she was a lawyer and lawyers don't care about those things. I tuned out my mom as she said that she was gonna be out on a job. 

I stood up and stared at my mirror, I was wearing a pair of blackish-blue all stars, fading jeans,ray-bans, and a pretty t-shirt that was imprinted 'I love NY'. My hair was quite pretty even with my sad appearance, it was in its natural brownish-red shade, it was all the way down to the under my breasts above my stomach. My green eyes were a bit red now and I was all smudged black because of the make-up I had applied before. 

I decided to take a bath, because I was absolutely filthy, and soon I'd have to go to school, it was seven o' clock and school started at seven fifty. After my bath I put on my school uniform, grabbed my favorite cereal bar and went out the door. The whole way to school, I didn't even stop to say hello to Mr Lake, the nice old man that always gave me fruits for free from his little shop, because I was thinking about Isabelle and what she was doing right now.

When I finally got in my classroom, I thought of Isabelle's chair which was right next to mine, expecting it to be empty. But when I took a look at it, it wasn't empty, not even close, there was somebody sitting in ISABELLE's chair. I was raging inside, I clustered my fists and clenched my teeth as I went to speak to the 'new' student. 

I'd be raging inside as I'd force my legs to walk over to Isabelle's chair. I'd poke the invador in the back as he turned around. 

"What are you doing?" I said as I clutched my fists, trying to keep in my anger.

"Sitting?" He'd awnser, speaking with his deep british accent and staring at me with big green eyes.

"Do you even KNOW who I am?!" I always use that excuse, as for my dad was the principal of the school. 

"This seat is taken? I don't see anyone's name on it, and Miss Dreyke told me to sit here." As he'd point to our English teacher.

"I don't care! Get out!" I was screaming at the top of my lungs now, as my schoolmates would stop talking just to see me fighting with the new boy.

"PAIGE..." Miss Dreyke would hiss as she'd stare at me with those freaky devil-like eyes of hers. She was calling my name and writing furiously on a piece of paper I assumed to be a detention slip. I sware I saw smoke coming out of here ears because of how mad she was.

I took a walk of shame up to her desk to then get my pink detention slip. She'd stare at me with more rage now and I'd moan as a response. When I sat back down, she started speaking again:

"Boys and girls, I'd like you all to meet Harry, our new student." She'd say while looking at the boy who took and Isabelle's chair. I finally took a good look at this so-called Harry, and I had to admit that he was quite attractive. He had curly hair, green eyes and adorable dimples. If we were in a different situation, maybe I'd even be attracted to him.


I had just gotten to this school where no one was supposed to know about me being a superstar and all that, and apparently it was working, for once I could be normal again. I was having a perfectly good day until a girl started to rage at me, I think she had a bad day, she seemed frustrated. I turned to my left side, and I saw here scribbling furiously in her notebook, I whispered to her:

"Are you all right, love?" I noticed that she was very pretty, her eyes were a bit red, don't know from what.
She looked over at me.

"Look, I've been having a hard day, please do not disturb me." She'd tell me with a sad voice, I felt bad for her. Whatever had happened, it must have been quite bad. She didn't seem happy. I decided to ignore her, and speak again to her only when she's happy.

The teacher said that she was going to give us an assignment after our break, and so the bell rang.


When the bell rang, I grabbed my ham-and-cheese sandwich and went out the door. I went out to the lunch area and I sat at a little table in the corner of the room, where probably no one would sit with me. Isabelle wasn't just my bestfriend, she was my ONLY friend. I didn't have anyone else. I hope that the boy that took her seat was happy, that seat was the only thing that had rested from Isabelle. I started crying and I didn't notice that Harry had sat down next to me until he finally said:

"May I sit here?"

I didn't dare look up, I would not dare let him see me crying. I just nodded my head and faintly affirmed that he could. I turned my head so I was facing the wall and my head was laying on the table. Suddenly, I wasn't hungry. Harry was looking at me, I could feel his stare. Before I knew it, the bell rang and it was time to go inside. I wiped my eyes and ran for the door, not even glancing at Harry.

When I got in, I went to my chair, hoping that this day would pass faster, I just wanted to go home and get this over with. This class was English again, but I was almost drifting off to sleep, so I didn't pay much attention to the words that Miss Dreyke was saying, all I heard was 'important', 'teamwork', and '25 percent of my grade'.

She was calling two students at a time to make teams, we were supposed to make some kind of book with the minimum of 50 pages. When I suddenly heard her say my name.

"Paige Summers and..." She said as she was picking out the other name out of her list. But then I saw a little flicker of evil swipe upon her face, or at least I THINK I saw it... And then she finally completed her sentence and said:

"...Harry Styles!" 

I'd look over at Harry and then groan, I didn't like the idea of doing something with him, he'd probably make me do all the work. 

When school was over, I went to the principal's office to talk to my dad and see if I could convince him to let me skip the detention I had gotten from Miss Dreyke. He was at his desk, I took a deep breath and started speaking:

"Daddy, I need a favor..." I'd look at him the most innocent smile I could manage.

"What did you do now, Paige?" He'd look at me, probably thinking about all the times that I'd been here.

"Could you get me out of detention?" I said, while still forcing my smile. 

"...Fine, but only under one condition."

"What's that?"

"I want you to go home, and make some dinner for mom. She's coming home late today."

"Okay!" As I'd be relieved.

But what I didn't know is that going home was going to be my biggest and most fatal mistake that I have ever commited.

I'd be then heading out of daddy's office, when suddenly I hear someone calling my name. I turn around and see no other than Harry Styles. Looking down at my feet again, I'd walk faster now, pretending that I didn't hear anything nor anyone, but unfortunately he sped up and grabbed my arm, saying:

"Hey Paige! When are we gonna do the assignment?" He asked.

"How about today? Is five o' clock okay?" I'd state, while putting a fake grin on my face.

"Yeah, sure love!" Harry then wrote down his number and adress on a nearby piece of paper then hand it to me.

He planted a kiss on my cheek then strolled off, seeming happy. He wasn't so bad after all, was he? Maybe I was just being a bit too strict to the poor boy.

I bought an apple from Mr Lake's shop and headed home. Once I reached the door, I saw that there was someone inside my home, at first I thought it was my mom, but then I remembered that she was coming home late. So I took the back door and grabbed the nearest phone, then dialling 9-1-1, but when I was just pressing 'call', someone grabbed me by my collar and shut my mouth with a big supposedly masculine hand. I saw a large face with a ski mask and the same hand that tried suffocating me was now pushing me towards the floor. As I was falling to the ground, my eyes closed as I fell into the blackness...

About an hour later I woke up to the sound of someone screaming. I looked over to where the screaming was coming from and I saw the ski mask guy pointing a gun to my mother's head. I tried to scream, fidget or do anything, but I was tied to a chair and my mouth was taped. My mom kept fidgeting in his arms, because the robber was putting my mom's jewels into a big sack, supposedly inside were the things that he was robbing. I started crying, and when my mom saw me, she started screaming, saying something like:

"Let my daughter go!", but it came out more like "Lemf mf daumfew fo!" Because of the man's strong hand over her mouth. 

He just slapped her in response and said "SHUT UP YOU LITTLE WHORE!", but instead my mom bit his head and ran over to me, untying my hands and feet, signalling me to the backdoor.

"But what about you mom?" I questioned her.

"I'll be fine, I promise you." She responded with a smile that wasn't very convincing.

I ran out the door, as I heard a gunshot. Tip-toeing, I looked through the window to see no other than my mom lying in her pool of blood, with a hole in her skull.


Author's Notes:


Yay, first chapter! What do you guys think? I'd love it if you'd comment. Thank you lovelies! xoxo, Tess.

Paige's outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=66089512

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