unforgetable ~

all these years. I swear, i'll never forget that guy niall horan. ever. "i'll never forget you ellie thompson.", the last text i've gotten before he went off to the 'x factor.' and for heavens sake he just have to come for my family dinner. that time we saw eachother for the first time in years. i promised myself never to see him again. promise broken.


1. sinken in time.


  ellie's POV:


my day got messed up when i came from school and got some bad news from my mother.


"darling, you won't believe who's coming back home!" my mom eyes sparkled up saying the word home.

i threw my blue nike book-bag on the couch and walked into the kitchen opening the peanut butter. "who?"

"my sweet, niall!" she spoke up loud. my eyes raging because of what I just heard.

"n-niall.. horan? that guy..?" i stopped from eating my peanut butter, my favorite snack suddenly wasn't my favorite anymore.

then i got back to reality. "okay, mom what's the news again?" i smiled as if we didn't just have that conversation.

she chuckled walking over to the fridge. "hun, your friend niall is coming over for a family dinner tomorrow night, you should be excited." she closed the fridge door with lettuce in her free hand.

the words excited, niall, and friend doesn't really fit well.

after niall left me without warning to be famous for the rest of his life, his only friend, me. I swore to myself never to see his face again. I already can't stand his voice on the radio every. single. morning. one direction this! one direction that!


"hi, can i have a vanilla iced moca."

"sure. that will be 4.50"

"im sorry, make that two."

the cashier rolled her eyes. "okay, 9 dollars." she huffed & puff as if getting free coffe wasn't good enough for her.

we finally got our coffe and took a free table.

"jeez, who ever knew that when you go to starbucks you get a moca and a free attituide from a cashier." athena rolled her eyes and sipped her moca.

I chuckled. "tell me about it, I can go all day."

she smiled.

"athena, you know niall, right?"

"of course i do! i mean, of course i do.." she smirked.

"athena look, he's coming over tomorrow for my family dinner. i've never been so pissed in my entire life."

"ugh, ellie. you have to forget the past. it`s not even a biggy. he`s visiting his hometown, and anyways he's successful with his music career, you should be happy for him."

i cleared my throat. "you can say that over and over again but i'll never forget him."

athena rolled her eyes, "we shall see." she said in a star wars voice.

i laughed so hard my mocca almost came up from my throat, from out of my nose. "well, i gotta go and get ready for tomorrow."

i got up from my chair putting my purse around my shoulder. "have fun!" athena joked.

"yeah, we'll see.." i muttered and exited starbucks.



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