Sweet Friendship

Have you ever caught yourself falling for two different people? Yeah, not a very good situation, is it? If you think that's bad, try adding that those two boys are Niall and Harry from One Direction. You may be wondering how this all happened. Well, it all started on a cloudy morning...


2. Invited

When we were done filming the movie clip, all the boys went over to the cafeteria except Harry, who came over to me to talk.

“Hey, Sam.” He spoke to me with his deep british accent.

“Hi! You’re Harry, right?” I said, trying to sound cool.

“Ye how would you like to come to our celebration party?” And with that he handed me a distracting envelope with an invitation inside.

‘Celebration for what?’ I thought. ‘Being adorable?’ And with that I took the invite from his hand and thanked him.

“If you have any questions, here are our numbers.” He gave me a little piece of paper with phone numbers written with all the boys’ numbers. 

He smiled and walked over to the cafeteria to join the others. I looked at my clock, seeing it was already two in the afternoon, I ran to catch the 2:10 bus.


I was sitting on my bed, staring at the invitation. It was red and white and it had One Direction’s logo as a background. On it was written:

Congratulations! You have been invited to attend One Direction’s album release celebration!
Place: Party Palace (a.k.a. Harry’s place).
Time: 7:30
Please come with appropriate attire!

“Party Palace”?! This was obviously written by one of the boys. While I was laughing at the informality of the invitation, my mom bursted in.

“I need to speak to y-” She stopped at the middle of her sentence, starting another one. 

“What is that??” She was pointing at my invitation. 

“N-Nothing!” I spoke nervously, hiding the invitation behind my back.

She grabbed the invite from me, almost ripping in it two. 

“You’re not going to this party.” She said while taking a quick look at the invite.

“What?! Why?” I responded, not sounding happy.

“Have you forgotten what happened today?” She said calmly, referring to me getting her late.

I sighed. Why was she so strict? It was an accident. A forking accident! She never lets anything pass. Once when I was eleven, I had forgotten to feed our dog, so as a reward, my mom didn't feed me for two days just so I could 'learn my lesson'. 

“Why do you do this to me mom?”

“It's just proper education. If you don't get educated properly, you'll end up just like the Bradsley's son, sneaking out at night.” The Bradsleys were our neighbors, they had a terrible son that never obeyed them, did drugs, sneaked out at night, and got into prison twice. And thinking about sneaking out, I got an idea.

“Okay mom, you're completely right. I deserve to stay here the rest of the day because of what I did.” I smiled falsely at her.

Seeming content, she smiled back and went back to her room.

After closing and locking the door, I looked up Harry's address on Google Maps and I saw that there was absolutely no chance of going on foot, it was way too far. Then, I tried to see what time there would be a bus around my house and the closest to 7:30 was 9:00, but that way I’d be late. Finally, I dialed the taxi company's number, waiting for someone to pick up.


And then I remembered the numbers Harry had given me.

After what seemed centuries of looking for them, I found them next to my phone. And with that I dialed one of the random numbers that were written on the piece of paper and sent a text message saying:

Text: Hey, could we go to Harry’s party together? I have no way of getting there. - Sam 


I didn't mention any names because Harry did the favor of writing down only the number. So I prayed that someone would respond and went to fancy myself up. 

(See author's notes for dress info.)*


So here I am, innocently eating my Nando's when suddenly I receive a text. From who? No other than Samantha, asking we could go to Hazza's celebration together. She really seems like a nice girl, but I hope she isn’t wanting anything more than friendship, because I don’t like her any more than just that. “But what can I say? No girl can resist these babies.” I said aloud while stroking my muscles. 

I guess it wouldn't hurt to help her. 

Text: Of course. Be there soon!


And with that I got the keys to my car and drove out.


So here I am, waiting in front of Samantha’s home. When suddenly I get a message from her telling me to go to the back of the house, so that’s what I did. And she’s up In her room, almost screaming at me from her window on the second floor.

“Samantha, how in the bloody hell are you going to get down from there?” I think she didn’t think this out.

“C-Can you catch me?” She said nervously.

I sighed. “Fine, but this is going to be our little secret.”

I held out my hands, closing my eyes, hoping for the best.

And she jumped. She was surprisingly cat-like and before we knew it she was in my hands. Opening my eyes, I saw this beautiful girl with glowing eyes, diva hair, sparkling eyes, and beautiful soft lips that made me want to kiss her. I noticed I was staring at her and soon pulled away my gaze. 

“…The car’s over here.” I said, breaking the silence. 

“Okay.” She said, smiling. 

I smiled back sheepishly.

You turned around, and you stole my heart
With just one look, when I saw your face
I fell in love
It took a minute girl to steal my heart tonight 
With just one look, yeah 
Been waiting for a girl like you


Author's Note


Ahaha, I can't wait to hear what the couple's name is going to be. Namantha? Siall? But anyways, I've actually had both of these chapters already made on my computer, I just wanted to add a little something to it at the end, which is obviously the song. And if you didn't know, the song name is "Stole My Heart" by One Direction. I believe it'sin the Up All Night album. It's not the best song, but I think it's the one that fits the most in this situation. Soo, like and favourite for more! And don't forget to comment on what you think of Sam sneaking out, Sam and Niall's couple name, if you like so far, and any suggestions! -Tess



* - http://www.polyvore.com/sams_night_out/set?id=66484362

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