Taking life for granted


1. Life

Everyday feel's like any other day, doing the same thing over and over again without any fail and you're wondering what's the meaning of life, is it where you do the boring thing's over again and maybe you're always busy and you never see you're friends and family and when was the last christmas I felt that warm feeling inside when you're spending it with you're family and you pull the cracker and you read the bad jokes and laugh even if it isn't funny because it's all about spending it with family you love and christmas is about love and recieving gifts even if it's not much it's what the thught counts. You probably thinking I should get to the point, family is the reel reason of the meaning of life that warmth feeling you get when you have a laugh with you're family and enjoy every second of it, you're family is the best gifts that could ever have so you shouldn't waste time because you should spend it with them.

The purpose of life when you wake up and thinking I'm doing the same thing over and over again, you should do something about that instead of waking up and feeling that you keep doing the same thing, why dont you pick up the phone and ring you're friends and do something fun and random be a bit crazy if that's what it takes just go out there and have fun maybe make a list of the things you always wanted to do and you never thought of doing, now stop thinking about it and do it, live you're life and stop thinking about it and just do it and make the full use of the meaning of life, you don't know how gratefully you are until it's gone because nobody know's when it is going to be no more.



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