Is That Really You?

Mikhayla Fleming was friends with Niall horan from one direction. And I mean was! Niall left to audittion for the X Factor and pretty much forgot about her. When Niall returns from his world tour will he remember his best friend from his childhood? Will Mikhayla fall for one of his band members?


5. I Missed You SOOOOOO Much! ~Chapter 2

Nialls POV Omg! Lol i sound like a girl. That Josh guy was being to nice with Mikhayla. now i sound like her brother Nick. UGGHHH! Mikhayla? Where are you? 'Yo Nially you ok?' zayn asked me on the bus ride home. 'im fine and i told you to stop calling me Nially!!' i said while trying to touch his hair 'Zayny' His face was priceless i had to get a picture and post it on instagram. 'HAHA its Zayny!!!' was the caption. Mikhaylas POV 'thanks for whatyou did at lunch Josh' i said while walking back to my house. 'No problem! Hows Adam' he asked while stopping. 'Good!' 'I didnt see him at school today' 'Oh yeha he ad some appointments and said he was gonna miss today' 'oh ya well, my cousin is coming over at 6, wanna come over and work on our project?' 'ya sure! ill be over at 5?' 'Kay! see you then!!' 'Bye!!' i said while unlocking my door to find it all empty. I saw a not on the counter. Uggghhh i hate notes. 'Hi baby, your father an di are going away for the month, sorry we didnt tell you, you were at school, our flight is at 3 so we are maybe already on the plane, please call when you get this, invite Josh over if you want to, maybe Adam. NO MESSES! Love you, Mom I called Adam. Ring..................... 'Hello?' i heard a pitched voice ask. Not Adams. 'Hello is Adam there?' i asked getting mad 'No hes about to get out of the shower, maybe give me a little something you kow?' and with that i hung up. Adam is Cheating on me. Adam is cheating on me. i ran to Josh's house. Didnt bother to knock. I was crying my eyes out. I ran to his room and out to the balcony. I saw adams House fom here. And there i saw it. he was having sex with a bleech blond bitch. (haha see what i did there?) I cried. Adam looke dout the window and his face dropped and he started shaking his head no. But i was already done.
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