Is That Really You?

Mikhayla Fleming was friends with Niall horan from one direction. And I mean was! Niall left to audittion for the X Factor and pretty much forgot about her. When Niall returns from his world tour will he remember his best friend from his childhood? Will Mikhayla fall for one of his band members?


2. Characters

Mikhayla Fleming

Sup? My name is Mikhayla and I am 18 years old. I live in London, and I am currently waiting for a letter from a football (soccer) acotiation. Any way here are some things about MOI!!

Fave Colour is orange

fave sport is soccer

fave band is green day

hair colour is a beautiful blonde but i dyed some neon pink and green streeks in it.

i have some pretty blue ocean eyes that make every guy melt

i am the total popular girl in school along with my best friend shannon

i gtg my mother is calling me byeeeeeeee!


Shannon Scholl

Heyyy what suppp? I am shannon scholl and i am mikhaylas bestie!! I Live with her and i am also waiting for the soccer letter thingy. Here are some random facts about me!!

Fave colour is purple

fave sport is soccer

fave band is one direction (LIAM PAYNE) lol

hair color is blonde and i have blue eyes 

my brother has a play (ughhhhh) byeeee


Hunter May

Yo! The name is Hunter May, i am Mikhaylas other best friend!!!! along wit shanoony!!

Random Facts!!!!

fave colour is red

fave sport is swimming or volley ball but mostly volley ball

fave band is the frey

my hair colour is ginger/red/orange

i have blueish gray eyes

ta ta for now!!!!!


A/N: Sry if its bad, please tell me!!!









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