Is That Really You?

Mikhayla Fleming was friends with Niall horan from one direction. And I mean was! Niall left to audittion for the X Factor and pretty much forgot about her. When Niall returns from his world tour will he remember his best friend from his childhood? Will Mikhayla fall for one of his band members?


3. Chapter 1~ The New Kids


I woke up this morning and rolled out of bed. I looked at a picture of me and my old best friend Niall who left two years ago and never came back! Any way I walked in to the shower and took a nice warm long one. After I had my shower i put some black skinny jeans on with a cute green day top. I went into the bathroom and dried my hair. I had bright green with neon pink streeks in my hair. I put a gray beanie on top and grabbed my convers. They were black with lime green laces.

I walked down stairs and went to the kitchen.

'Hello good morning Mikhayla' my mom said while walking into the kitchen

'hey' I said while grabbing a couple bucks for breakfast.

'Im going to meet Hunter and Shannon at starbuck for breakfast love you' i said whille walking out.

 I walked out the door and walked to my car. I had a Black Camaro. I drove off tostarbucks. I parked and walked in. I saw Hunter and Shannon sitting in the corner with John (Hunters boyfriend) and Jason (Shannons boyfriend).

'Yo sup?' I said while sitting down with my caramel mocha

'Hello to you to Mikhayla' Jason said

'Well we better get going' Hunter said whille getting her jacket on.

We all walked out and drove off to school. Some of you might ask 'Why don't you have a boyfriend?', well the answer to that question is i do. his name is Adam, and hes the next popular person down from me. Adam is never ever, ever, ever a jerk,  he is actually a very nice guy once you get him out from his shell. his brother Nick is the jerk of the school.(sorry if your name is nick, it just came to my mind as the first name i can think of) Yes he is cute but he just goes around using any girl he can find. Lucky me, i have never been his girl for a week. Anyway when i get to school i walk to my locker and get a suprise note from Adam.

Hi baby, I am going to miss school today, I have a couple of appoitments. I will see you tomorow. I love you <3


I smiled at the note. Adam was so sweet. I grabbed my History book and walked to class. I sat down where I usually sit. The very middle. Hunter and Shannon sit on either side of me. Our teacher comes in.

'Good Morning Class!' She said

'Good Morning' we all said still tired

'Today we have 5 new students'

just then five boys walk in. ther is one with black hair with a blonde streek. One with a buzz cut. One with adorable brown curly hair. One with short justin bieber hair. then the last one, blonde quiff, blue eyes, its Niall. Its Niall. Thats all I can think. They all sit down. The class goes by very slowly and I find myself looking at the clock constantly. Finally the bell rings and i run out of class. I start walking and then i bump into somebody. I look up and see the boy with the black hair from history.

'im so sorry!' we both say at the same time.

'What do you have now?' i ask

'Ummm art you?' he replys

'Same! We can walk together! my names mikhayla'

'Cool. ya i dont really know this place and my name is Zayn'

We talked all the way to art class. when we got their i found out that he was very good at art.


Zayns POV

Beautiful. Thats all I can say. We walked to art. she was amazing. when class was over it was finally lunch. we sat together. then Niall, Liam, Harry, and Louis came and sat with us.

'Whos this lovely lady?' harry said while sitting down

Harrys POV

Mikhayla blushed and scooted closer to Zayn. I just noticed that she had lime green and neon pink streeks in her hair. they were really cute in her hair. But those beautiful blue eyes were even brighter than Niall told us.  Hetalked about her so much and how she wouldnt pick up her calls untill one day he called and it said she changed her number. I was kinda sad because she changed her nukber now it was gonna be harder to get her new one.

'Harry? Earth to Harry!' I heard liam say

I snapped out of my trance and saw mikhayla wasnt there. I saw she was with to other girls sitting at the table next to us. She smiled and looked away. I blushed slightly.

'Ohhh someones blushing' Now that voice i did not reconize

'Buddy get out of my seat now!' he screamed. i turned arounf and saw a very buff guy standing there.

'i uhh im sorry' i said while getting up

'No harry sit down' I heard mikhayla 'Luke go away' she said while getting closer to guy.

Ok now i know his name and i think mikahyla doesn't perticiarly like him. Th eguy started getting closer to mikhayla and i could tell she didnt like it.

'Why should i? your just a little girl who cant throw a punch!' luke said while lauging with his friends.

i could see mikhayla getting mad.

'Who said i cant?' mikhayla asked

'UMMM did you now just here me? I said it stuped' he said back

'Did you just call her stupid?' a random guy said while walking up to mihkayla and taking her away and bringing her to me while walking back over to luke.

'What are you gonna do Josh?' luke said

'Well im gonna aither kick you so hard you wont be able to have kids or punch you.' josh said

'Not if i do it first' luke said while walking over to Josh. but josh was to quick. he doged lukes punch and punched luke square in the chest. But luke wasnt finished he punched josh straight in the jaw and josh went flying into a lunch table.

'JOSH!' Mikhayla screamed while running over to josh. She glared at luke then ran over and did one of those karate kik to his side. luke was on the ground and got up then walked away.

Josh's POV

Mikhayla just kiked luke. she ran over to again and helped me up.

'Thank you josh' she said


~Thank you

I hope this chapter was good.










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