Is That Really You?

Mikhayla Fleming was friends with Niall horan from one direction. And I mean was! Niall left to audittion for the X Factor and pretty much forgot about her. When Niall returns from his world tour will he remember his best friend from his childhood? Will Mikhayla fall for one of his band members?


1. FlashBack


'Niall!!' i screamed

'What mikhayla what are you gonna do?' he asked

Me and Niall were playing at his cottage. he was chasing me around with a watter gun. His mother called us for dinner and I ran in and I was still soaking wet. we both walked in and sat down for dinner.

'Best friends?' i asked holding out my pinky

'Best friends' he said and wrapped his pinky finger around mine



I was sad. Thats all i can say, Niall was going to audittion for the X Factor and to me he was going to make it to the finals, win, go on a world tour and forget about me.

'Mikhayla look at me, your going to be okay, i will come back i promise' Niall told me right before i hoocked my pinkey finger to his. we hugged one last time and with that he was in is moms car driving to the audittionds.

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