Mistakes: a Niall Horan love story

Hannah, a 14 year old, has been rapped. she didnt want her parents to find out so she runs away. as she tries to find help she stumbles on love. not knowing what she is gonna do she seeks help through that special person.


3. The Plan

i was walking home crying cause i was scared. i has decided i was going to runaway and have the baby, and go from there. Then i see Niall. "Hey!....Whats wrong Hannah?" i look at him and just drop my stuff and put my arms around Niall. he gave me the best hug i had ever had but that all ended soon when he pulled away. "lets go to the park and you can tell me what happened OK?" I nodded and picked up my stuff "ill carry those for you" then he takes my books and my bag and carry them the whole way. we sat down beside a tall willow tree. "Niall. if i tell you you cant tell anyone or look at me diffrently." he agreed. "OK just tell me whats wrong." he said. 'Niall im Pregnant! i was rapped." I start to cry. "i was going home from the park,he grabbed my and pulled me into the ally and hit me i passed out, and woke up to him running away!" Niall looked worried. "did..did you see his face?" he asks "No." i say cryingso hard now. "Hannah what are you gonna do/ have you even thought about whats gonna happen to you?" he asks. "Im gonna runaway,and have the baby and take it from there." he didnt say anything just stared at me. "If your running away im going with you. You need a man with you to keep you safe." i look at him relived that he wanted to help because i didnt think i could do any of this by myself. "Are you sure?" I ask. "Hannah over the past week i have fallen deeply inlove with you and im not gonna let you go. im 15 ill be 16 in a month then i can get a job helping older people or something just as long as im with you. i am completely and positivly sure." he says. i was surpized "I love you too Niall. And im glad you are going with me cause i cant do this by myself." i start to cry. he lifted my head and wiped my tears on his sleeve. "we cant do it this week though. i have to do something first. i have to get everything we will need. what do we need?" he asked. "we need some clothes water shelter and if we keep the baby which we will deside later we will need stuff for it." i say. "on monday we will leave before school ill walk you to school but we will go across the park and walk to louis hpouse where we can get him to drive us. can we tell the boys? they all can help." i wanted them to help i thought about it a little bit and eventually said yes. "Niall. Why do you care about me so much?" i ask. he looks at me then leans in and kisses me on the mouth. it was like sparks where flying everywhere, it was like we where the only two people on the earth. i felt safe with him and i felt like i was In love and i felt loved. "Because i love you." he says i smile and we kiss again.

he walked me home carrying my books and we planned our excape with the boys. "OK if we keep it what would you name it?" he askes. "if its a girl id name it Emma if its a boy id name it Jason." he smiled and said "i love those names." we arrived at my house and he hugged me good bye wispering in my ear "I love you. ill see you tomorrow at the park under the trees ill bring the boys and we will plan the whole thing OK?" "OK. I love you too Niall." i walk into my house and go to my room and start packing my stuff.

The next day i went to the park where i met Niall and the boys. "Hey babe." Niall says Kissing me. "Hey Niall." i smile then look at the other boys. "hey guys.." then i look at Niall. "they dont know why we are leaving i told them you would tell them when your ready." he said. "Hi Hannah, tell me what we are suppose to do and we will do it. but you have to tell us eventually." Zayn said. i thought to myself, 'eventually your gona know why, im gonna get bigger,groutchyer,and hungrier.' i decided id tel them after we find a place to stay. "OK. I will later but right now ill tell you what we need. better take notes. we all need two bags one with clothes and one with whatever suplise i tell you to get. Niall you get the water,Zayn you get a tent we all will sleep in ther make sure its a bug one please, Liam you get the food, we need healthy stuff but a few oreos and chips. i really dont care what it is but most healthy stuff, Harry and Louis you guys are in charge of money we all will bring some, we need it for food if we run out.you also will get the car i will bring extra food and water." I look at Niall as he smiles at me. not with the i feel so sorry for her smile. but with the evreything is going to be OK smile. everyone agreed then i said "we will load the car the night before. just sneek out of you houses and meet here. OK?" again everyone agreed and we all went home. Niall and i stayed ther a little while. at one point Niall got up and was facing the tree i saw he was carving somthing into it. it said 'Hannah + Niall = forever' i smiled and looked at him. he looked back and smiled. I looked into his beautiful, caring, blue eyes and i knew what he put on the tree wasnt a lie "Tomorrow is saterday. do you want to go out and get like 40 things of water with me?" he asked i knew it was a joke but i agreed and he said "Hannah your amazing i cant wait for the future with you." he smiled.

the next day we went to the store an dbot a lot of water. "Niall, I love you. and Thank you for everything your doing for me." i say "Hannah i love you to and its not just for you it helps me too, Because ill be with you." i smile and we check out and go home he kisses me goodbye before i went into my house "Bye Darling, I love you" he says to me. "bye Niall i love you too."

after supper i go straite to bed because when i  woke up i had to pack. everything was going to change from that day forward.

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