Mistakes: a Niall Horan love story

Hannah, a 14 year old, has been rapped. she didnt want her parents to find out so she runs away. as she tries to find help she stumbles on love. not knowing what she is gonna do she seeks help through that special person.


2. The monday After

I woke up to my Mom cooking breakfast. i got dressed for school and brushed my teeth and hair. As i walked out of my room i smelled the most amazing smell, eggs,toast,and bacon. "hey mom! whats for breakfast?" i say walking into the kitchen. "hey honey. how did you sleep? your breakfast is on the table." she says back. "thanks and I didnt sleep well i had a bad dream." I knew it wasn't the complete truth, I stayed up thinking about what i was gonna do about the baby. I finally fell asleep then i had a terrible nightmare about what happened to me. "Hannah are you OK? you seem very weird this morning." That broke my trance. "Yea just cant wait for school. i met someone named Ashley she seemed really nice" I ate my breakfast in silence from then on. thinking, then eating over and over.

on my way to school I was worried about everything. how was i gonna tell my parents? How am i gonna keep this a secret? I never thought something like this would happen to me. Why did this happen to me? arriving at school i saw Ashley. She noticed me and waved me over. "Hey Hannah! I want you to meet my friends." pointing to them as she said there names "Abby, Claira, Jennifer, but you can call her jenn, and Niall," pointing across the room where we where I see a handsom, blonde, blue eyed boy. I wanted to say hi but i was in a trance. "umm Hannah?" Abby said "sorry hello everyone." i say giggling and waving to everyone, but then i looked back at Niall. Ashley was talking about another boy she liked thinking i was listening. I saw that Niall was heading towred me. i look away quickly looking at Jenn and seeing she wasnt listening to Ashley either. "whats his last name?' i wisper to her. She giggles "why dont you ask him yourself?" pointing behind me. I turn around to see Niall standing behind me. "uh..uh..Hi." I say very nervous. "uh..um..Hi..Im Niall Horan. Nice to meet you" "Im Hannah." i say very fast. I noticed the Irish accent. "Niall! are you coming we have to get to math!" I hear from behind him. "my friends." he giggles. then he waves them over. "you wanna meet them?" he askes. "wha.....Hello im Harry Styles." "im Liam Payne" "Im Louis Tomlinson." they say then a boy walks up and says, "Guys whats the hold up we need to get to math we will be late! Woah!! Hello im Zayn Malik." 'nice to meet you all." i say to them then they walk away other than Niall. "umm.. Can you show me to my classes? i have no idea where im going." i ask. "Yea where is you scedule?" i pull it out and hand it to him. "HEY!! we have first hour and fourth hour together! just follow me to math" i say bye to Ashley and everyone. then walk with Niall. Feeling safe I walked to math. "Hello, Im Mrs. Bulton," the teacher said. "Hi im Hannah." I say back "i want you to sit beside-" being cut off by Niall "She can sit by me. i dont have anyone next to me." "HEY!!" i hear zayn say. seeing niall push him out of his seat i laugh loud "OK, you can sit by Niall but on the other side Zayn cant sit anywhere else he is very loud aroundd anyone else." she laughs. I was happy i got to sit by Niall, i think he was happy too.

"Hannah...Hannah?" I hear Nialls voice walk me up. "Oh God! Did i fall asleep?" I ask. "umm yea you sleep very beautifuly. If that makes you feel better." he says "i gotta go to class so do you still want me to show you around?' he asks. "if you can i would love for you to show me around the school." I say. "OK ill get a pass you dont need one you have a free hour this hour." He says looking at me smiling. he gets his pass and walks out of the room and says "OK missy lets see here. this is the Language arts room you know where math is and lets go to the gym ill show you what we do there." he says very seriously. "you kiding right? its gym i think i know what we do there." then i relized if i run i may harm the baby. "Niall? i cant go to gym class could i get a pass from that today i dont have gym clothes." he nods. i was releved even though the baby was a rape baby (thats what i call them) i still ddnt want to hurt it. niall showed me around we became good friends within a matter of 15 minuets. the reszt of the week went by fast. i was tired all the time. i had to think of a plan. what am i gonna do with this baby thing?

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