Mistakes: a Niall Horan love story

Hannah, a 14 year old, has been rapped. she didnt want her parents to find out so she runs away. as she tries to find help she stumbles on love. not knowing what she is gonna do she seeks help through that special person.


12. Th3 3nd

It the day of Niall and I's wedding. I was in a beautiful white dress. I had flowers in my braided hair. Emma was with my mom. When I walked down the Row to Niall, I knew this was my first and only wedding.

When i got to Niall i looked into his caring eyes. "do you take Niall Horan to be your husband?" the precher asked "I Do.' i said. "and Niall do yoy take Hannah Draper to be your Wife?" He asked Niall. "I Do." he said "you may kiss the bride." The preacher said. Niall kissed me and we took Emma and walked out of the Church hand in hand, in love, and ready for life together as a family.


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