Mistakes: a Niall Horan love story

Hannah, a 14 year old, has been rapped. she didnt want her parents to find out so she runs away. as she tries to find help she stumbles on love. not knowing what she is gonna do she seeks help through that special person.


4. Sunday stress.Monday the best

iI went to the park with all my stuff like we had planned. Louis was there with the car, we checked everything in the bags to make sure we got what we needed. I knew everyone was nervous expetially the boys because they didnt know why we where doing this. They just knew I need out of this town and fast! To tell the truth i was nervous too. After i have the baby ill have to tell my parents why i ranaway.

One Monday i acted normal ate breakfast and everyone left i was the only one home so i walked to the park where the boys where. I hadnt slept the night before i was worrying about this trip. What is gonna happen to me when i have the baby? i have asked myself this question ever since i found out I was Pregnant. "hey Babe. are you ready to go we need to leave soon." Niall says giving me a hug. "yes lets go." i said to all the boys. Louis had a 8 person car, Niall and i where in the very back seat. Liam and Zayn wher in the middle. Louis and Harry where in the front. We set off to the next state a few hours away. I didnt talk very much again worried but also i missed my family. Knowing that i had to do what i was doing i pushed the worry away, but couldnt get my family out of my head. "So are you gonna tell us why we have too help you runaway or are you gonna make us wait longer." Louis asked. "Guys i think we should leave her alone, i mean she has a very good reason for running away.....dont you?" Harry askes me. "Um. yea i do. but i cant tell you yet. ill tell you then we get to the camp site. OK?" I say to them "Babe you are gonna have to tel them sooner or later." Niall said very seriously. "I know and i will tell them just not here."

when we got to vermont it was almost 3 AM we desided it was time to go to sleep so we found a camp ground and set up camp. We didnt want a hotel room because then people can trace us. Zayn set up the tent. Liam made the fire and dinner. Louis,Harry,Niall and i got fire wood to last us the night. As we where walking we talked about what we where gonna do tomorrow, Tuesday. I knew my parents where probably looking for me right now. I didnt know what to do or where we were gonna go."how about, Main?" Louis said. "No how about Florida?" Harry said. even though i wanted to go to florida it wasnt far enough from where we were. We had to go to Main because it was farther. "I say Main is probably the best place to go.. its farther it would be harder for everyone back home to trace us." i say looking at Niall for his imput,But niall was looking down wasnt even talking. "lets get back to the camp site." Niall says suddenly. We walk back to the camp site where Liam had the fire going and the food was made. I knew it was time to tell them why i wanted to leave. "OK, i think you guys should know why i wanted to leave so badly. a week or two after i moved into my home i met Ashley and we went for a walk to the park. I had to go home and she went to her friend Abbys house across the street. As i was walking home i was pulled into an ally way." i started to cry. "he rapped me......now im pregnant. i couldnt tell my mom or dad because they never listen to me. they wouldnt believe me." i was crying harder now. Niall rapped his arms around me and kissed my cheak. And he wipped my tears away. "Hannah thats terrible!! What are wwe gonna do when the baby comes?" Liam said. "im gonna have the baby where ever we are at the time i cant go to the hospitle. They will tell my mom.." I said back. everyone looked at me with the 'that poor girl' look exept Niall. I felt safe with the boys and I knew they would help me in every way the could. "im kinda tired lets go to bed i have every thing set up in there, sleeping bags,and extra blankets. But i was short one sleeping bag so one of us will have to share." Zayn said

I went into the tent with the boys and laid down beside Niall. "You know we will have to tell someone sooner or later." Nial said. "I know Niall but we will se where all this goes. I just want to gte this over with." I say. Niall looked even more worried than i did. I was worried about him. "I love you Niall." i say with a smile. "i love you too Hannah. Now we need to get to bed. Good night love." he says with a caring smile. "goodnight" i say. i fell asleep with Niall right beside me and his arm around me.

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