Mistakes: a Niall Horan love story

Hannah, a 14 year old, has been rapped. she didnt want her parents to find out so she runs away. as she tries to find help she stumbles on love. not knowing what she is gonna do she seeks help through that special person.


6. months go,bye bye!

i watch the months go by. everyday the same drive till 3 or 4 AM eat sleep wake up get sick and on the road again. My Belly was bigger. really big. I was worried that the baby was gonna come soon even though i was only 6 months pregnant. I thought to myself everyday about the baby. Was i really just gonna have it and go from there? I had to think of a plan and not by myself, because i cant take care of the baby myself and i cant just give up the baby without help of finding out who i will give him or her too. "Niall we need a plan." i said. "We have one we are going to main and we are gonna have this baby and go from there." he said. Of couse being pregnant i snapped. "NIALL!! i mean a real plan!! why arnt you taking this seriously im pregnant! and we dont have a plan!" i yelled. He knew the drill because i was snapping a lot. "shhhh..shhh i know i know. ive been thinking about that too." then he hugged me. It was an every day thing with us. "are we gonna keep the baby? I mean it wouldnt be a good idea because its a rap baby, just a reminder of what happened. but if we give it up we have to find someone perfect! i dont want to just leave the baby with just anyone." i say. "do you want to keep the baby? i mean your almost 15. you could get a job running arens for people. I am almost 16 i can get a job aswell." he says "but if we give up the baby we can go home." he adds. "i could get a job. But that wont be enough, i guess we will deside later." I said. Niall agreed."what if Louis.Liam,Zayn,and I help?" Harry says. I looked at Niall and i could tell we where thinking the same thing." we dont want to be a berden," Niall said. but i knew he ment Oh gee guys that great lets keep the baby. but i knew he also knew that if we keep the baby we cant go home. "its no problem! for me at least. Zayn? Liam? are you in?" Louis says. they all said yes. i thought of home and what they where thinking. "Whaat if we keep the baby and go home as well? I mean its not like it was my fault i got pregnant, No One will look at us the same but i dont care. as long as I have my baby,4 best friends, and the love of my life!" I say looking at Niall. i knew i was In love with him and i knew he felt the same way about me. we both smile at each other. "are you sure you wanna do that though. i mean you wanted to leave so bad and now u just wanna go back?" Zayn said. Niall shoots him a nasty look. "I just miss my family. and I know you guys do too." i say stopping the fight in the making. i knew they missed there familys so had to make a big dection right then and there. "Louis stop the car. Pull over we all need to talk." I say. louis pulls over and turns off the car then everyone looks back at me. "you guys miss you familys i can see it I know your just being strong for me. truth is im trying to be strong for u guys and myself as well. Im scared and i need my mom. My birthday is in 3 weeks, I need to be home then and ill tell my parents everything. You guys will do what you want, tell your parents everything if you want to. but we need to go home. if i keep the baby I cant be living in the woods." I took a pause waiting for someone to say something. " we will take a vote. who misses there family? raise ther hand."  everyone raised there hands then. "OK. who wants to go home?" everyone raised there hands again. "who says we go home?" yet again everyone raised there hands. "lets go home louis. Please. and thank you guys for helping me with eeverything i promise ill make it up to you." I say. louis turned the car around and we where heading home. i was happy. but i knew i had to call my mom before i got home. "Niall do you have your phone?" I ask. Niall hands me his phone. "thanks babe." i say. i dial my moms number. it rang three times then i heard my moms voice "Hello?" "Mom?" i say "Hannah!! where are you? are you OK sweet heart?" she said "Im on my way home. and no im not OK mom. but i cant tell you why im not OK till i get home OK?" i say "OK Hannah...Just tell me when you are gonna be home?" she asks. "Ill be home before my birthday." i say. "who are you with?" she asks even though i didnt want to tell her i knew i had too. "Im with my friends. Mom dont worry ill be OK. i promise. im with the most trust worthy boys ever they have kept me safe." i say regreting the boy part. 'BOYS?! your with boys?" she yells. "mom im OK! Im not dumb Ill be home soon i have to go bye Mom i love you. and please dont tell anyone i called." i said "good bye darling and i wont." then i hang up.

"Thanks Niall." i say. "is everything ok?" he asks. "I just want to go home." i say. "i have a plan." louis says. "what is your plan?" i ask. "lets take turns driving!" he says "i dont have my lisence yet." i say. "you guys are gonna have to do-" i stopped the baby was kicking. "OH MY GOD NIALL!! the baby is kicking!!" i grabbed his hand and put it where the baby was kicking. Nialls smile was so big. he took his hand off of my belly and grabbed liams. "LIAM FEEL THIS!!! my baby is kicking!!" he screamed. He suddenly looked sad. "oh my gosh Hannah that baby is a kicker." liam says. then he looked forward. "Niall?" i say. "Its not my baby. Why did i say that?" he asks. i was upset now. the rest of the boys where quiet and Harry was asleep. "Niall. It is your baby. your more of a father to it than anyone will ever be! this is our baby." i say to him. "Hannah its a rap baby." he said to me. "Niall! its not like its the babys fault! sure its a baby from the man who rapped me but, you love the baby the other guy.. he was a spearm doner. No matter what you will always be this babys father." i felt my eyes fill with tears. "Do you mean it?" he asks "Yes Niall I do no matter what!"

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