Mistakes: a Niall Horan love story

Hannah, a 14 year old, has been rapped. she didnt want her parents to find out so she runs away. as she tries to find help she stumbles on love. not knowing what she is gonna do she seeks help through that special person.


8. home is finally home

Mom,Niall,and Ryan where at the table talking. "Hannah." Niall says standing up. "Niall?" i say back. "Hannah do you want to go for a wallk? to the park?" he asks. i look to my family. "umm yea sure. mom ill be home soon." niall and i walk out of the house and head to the park. we where walking Niall asks me "do you rememeber anything about this guy who raped you?" "He was Wearing a ski mask and a gray jacket, thats all i remember." i said. Niall looked to the ground and he looked a little angry. "whats wrong?" i ask. 'if i find out who did this to you.. ill kill him." he says very angrly

when we get to the park we go to the old willow tree where Niall Carved the heart, and where Niall and i first kissed. "Niall i love you.' i say. "I love you too." he says. "Im 16 tomorrow." i said. "I know. and im gonna make it the birthday to remember. I promise, Your mom invited me to dinner tomorrow you get to choose that we have because she doesnt know what makes you sick." he said. "hmmmmm what do you want? im thinking...cake" i giggle and so does Niall. "its getting late you need your sleep, lets go home." Niall said. Home sounded nice to me. i missed my home and my family.the word 'home' made this all feel real. "OK, can you help me up please babe." i ask. Niall helped me up the way he always did, hand around waste, other hand in mine.

when we arrived home we went inside and my family was watching TV. "hey everyone." i say. they all say hello back i sit down on the sofa and watch TV with my mom and brother. "umm Mr. draper. can i speak to you alone?" Niall asks my father. "sure son, lets go into the study." my dad tells him. i continue watching TV for about 10 minuets when my faher cme out of the study with Niall. "Thank you sir!"Niall said. Dad sat down beside my mother, Niall sat down beside me. "Niall can you help me up? have to use the bathroom." i ask. Niall helps me up the same way as before exept this time he seemed happier. when i got out of the bathroom i see Niall talking to my father laghing and having a good time. when i walked out Niall looked at me and smiled. "welp i have to go talk to my family. It was nice meeting you." he shook my familys hands and then he walked to me and kissed my cheek. "ill see you tomorrow." he said. "Bye Niall see you tomorrow." i say then i sit and watch TV as Niall shuts the door.

i went to bed around 10 PM thinking and dreaming about Niall. I didnt feel the same Nialls arm wasnt around me.

i woke up very tired because i didnt get very much sleep the night before. I got dressed in my sweat pants and a tee shirt. when i walk into the kitchen i see Niall sitting there eating breakfast. "well good morning Niall." I said. he looked up at me and smiled "Good morning beautiful how is my princess this morning?" he said "Im perfect im a year older. and my prince is with me." i said smiling at Niall. he smiled back then i hear my brother make a pucking sound. "Oh are you going to make me some breakfast or not!?" i say with a giggle at the end. Ryan got up handed me a bowl and a box of Cheerios. "where is the milk?" I ask. he walks to the fridge and hands me the milk and the OJ. i ate breakfast quietly till my parents walked in with a huge cake with 16 candles on it I blew them out and made a wish. i wished that Niall and I would get married one day.

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