Mistakes: a Niall Horan love story

Hannah, a 14 year old, has been rapped. she didnt want her parents to find out so she runs away. as she tries to find help she stumbles on love. not knowing what she is gonna do she seeks help through that special person.


9. Birthday Night

The night of my birthday my mom made a ham, my favorite food. we ate and then cut the cake. when we where ready to open presents, i felt the baby kick for the hundreth time. I still got exited "Mom the baby is kicking. again." my mom put her hand on my belly then my brother then my dad. i opened my Moms gift first, it was baby clothes and my favorite book when i was a child. "thanks mom, but i dontknow if im gonna keep the baby yet." i said. "i know honey but i thought they where cy=ute i bought them yesterday at the mall." she said then i opened my dads present it was a couple shirts that i liked a couple months before i ranaway. "thanks dad," i said.then i opened my brothers gift he got me three tickets to a bad that i loved "Oh my gosh thanks Ryan!!" i said. "I thought Niall u and i could go." he said. "oh my gosh thank you guys!!" i said and gave them each a hug. 'Hannah we have one more gift from us to you its in the study." my dad said. Niall helped me up and we walked to the study. I hadent seen anything at first other than books but back in the corner i saw a baby crib. I was amazed at how much my parents wanted me to keep this baby. "Oh My Gosh thanks you guys its so cute!!" i said. i walked over to the crib and saw a note it said 'turn around' I was confused. i turned around to see Niall on One knee with a ring in his hand. 'Hannah Draper willyou marry me?" he asked i was so shocked. i started to cry. "Yes, Niall i will marry you!" i said Niall hugged me then kissed me so pastionatly. "We are gonna sign the papers so you can get married legaly and so will Nialls Parents." my Mother said. "thanks you guys" i said. they left the room. "Niall do you want to keep the baby?" i asked. "Of course i do! its our baby." he said "do you?" he asked "Yes." i answered. i kissed him again.

we walked out of the study Nialls parents where in the living room with mine. they stood up when they saw me. "You must be Hannah?" his mother said. "yes i am." she hugged me and so did his dad. even though they are divorced the both hugged each other in exitment. "Can i saw something?" Niall said. everyone looked at him. "Hannah and i have decided we are gonna keep the baby." he said happily. "OH!! yay! im gonna be a grandma!" my mom said everyone was smiling. "Hannah we have to go to the doctors to get you checked out." Niall said "OK lets go. we will see you later, bye." Niall drove me to the doctors. we walked in and checked in. when the doctor called us in she set me up on an oltrasound mechine. "do you want to know the sex of the baby?" she asked i looked at Niall expecting him to answere. but he didnt so i said "um Yea i do. do you Niall?" he nodded "OK then Its a girl Congrats. on the baby and your engagement." then she left i was crying a little because i had just saw my beautiful little girl for the frst time ever. "I love her." i said. i looked to Niall and saw tears going down his face. "Niall" he looked to me "dont you love he?" i asked. "I love here very much." he said.

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