Mistakes: a Niall Horan love story

Hannah, a 14 year old, has been rapped. she didnt want her parents to find out so she runs away. as she tries to find help she stumbles on love. not knowing what she is gonna do she seeks help through that special person.


7. arriving home

A week went bye, and we where almost home. louis estimated a couple days till we get there. "Hannah when we get there what are you gonna tell your parents?" Niall asks. "Well.. do you wanna be ther when i tell them?" i asked him. he thought a second and finally said "Could i please?" "I would love for you to be there when i tell them what happened.So they dont kill me." i say joking. "OK ill be there." we both wher content now. we went the rest of the day sitting in the car talking with the boys. Laughing at Louis jokes, when we rolled into town around 4 PM. The first stop was Zayns house. "Zayn? thank you foreverything you have done for me." i say. "Its no problem. Just promise that baby knows who its Uncle Zayn is." then he gets out of the car waves goodbye to everyone and walks inside. Next was Liams House "Liam thank you!" i hug him good bye then he goes in his house. then it was harrys house, then Louis. Niall and i walked to my house. Niall carried me most of the way.

When we arrived i got scared even more scared than i ever have been. "Niall im scared." i say. Niall held my hand and said "we have to go in sooner or later." then we walked into my home hand in hand. When i opened the door the smell of Hamburgers came at me. it made me sick. I turn around and run down the steps to my house and pucked in the grass. Niall ran to me and helped me by holding my hair. when i was done he asked if i was alright the answere was always the same. "Lets go in." i say. I walk in holding my breath. "MOM!?" I yelled "DAD!?" i yelled again. my brother ran out of the kitchen and yelled "HANNAH!!! YOUR HOME!! I HAVE MISSED YOU!!" He was older than me by 2 years, i have never seen him look so happy. "Who is this?" he hadnt even noticed that i was pregnant yet. "Im Niall. Im Hannahs friend." Niall says. at this time my parents walk into the room. "Hannah! My baby!!" my mom runs to me and gives me a hug. She looked at my belly and then looked at me with the Holy crap my daughter is pregnant' look "Mom" i wisper then i put my finger to my lips with the be quiet sign. "Hannah, Where were you! who the hell is this!?" my dad said. "Mom dad this is my..Boyfriend Niall." i said "hello." Niall says. My mom looked at my belly then to me then to Niall. "Hannah tell me Why you are pregnant!" my mom yells. My fauther didnt even see my stomache because my mom was in the way. Now he and my brother both knew. "Mom its not what it seems. i would say we can talk in the kitchen but the hamburger is making me sick." i say. "lets go outside then." she says. we went outside. "mom,dad" i start "im 6 months pregnant. when i went to the park with my friend Ashley. i didnt walk back with her because she was going to abbys house. i went past an ally and someone grabbed me and rapped me." i started to cry. Niall hugged me which calmed me down every time. "umm Niall just helped me with what i thought i was gonna do. we ranaway with 4 other boys. they made sure i was safe and that i ate healthy and everything. trust me. the only thing i havnt had is a check up witha doctor." i say. My dad looked at Niall and said. "So your Niall... You didnt do this to my beautiful little girl, which is good because i was gonna kill you-" o cut him off "DAD! my gosh i told you he didnt do it!! He was the one who kept me safe and made sure i was OK!! And what do you care tis wouldnt have happened if you would have played catch with me!" i yelled. "Hannah he is your father. please dont do this." Niall said to me. My father looked upset. "Come on Ryan and Niall lets go inside for a few minuets lets leave them be." my mother said. as they shut the door behind them my father turned to me. "Its not like its my fault! i was just making sure he was alright for my little girl." he said. "DAD! im not your little girl anymore i mean look at me. look at the mess im in!! I didnt ask for it! i came back so i can have help." i said. "Hannah we will help you in anyway we can but are you sure Niall is good for you, and the baby?" he asked. i was mad that he eve said that. "Dad. he loves me and the baby! And I love him!!and i dont even know if im going to keep the baby yet." i say. "you love him?" my father asked. "yes dad i do." i say calmer than i was. i knew i had hurt my father. "Hannah you are my lttle girl and you always will be i just want to make sure he is OK for you." he said. "thanks dad." i say. "lets go inside sweet heart." my dad puts his arm around me and leads me inside. we open the door and walk inside.

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