Mistakes: a Niall Horan love story

Hannah, a 14 year old, has been rapped. she didnt want her parents to find out so she runs away. as she tries to find help she stumbles on love. not knowing what she is gonna do she seeks help through that special person.


11. 3 is a crowd

when we came home a week later everything was calm and quiet. Emma slept most of the day time. Woke up in the middle of the night evry night around three. Niall and I would take turns putting her back to sleep. It wasnt that hard just give her the bottle and rock her to sleep. One night Emma woke up and it was Nialls turn to get her back to sleep. He was sitting in the chair with her in his arms singing to her. His singing made her fall asleep almost instintly. Niall was good at singing, he would sing me to sleep most the time aswell.

Our wedding was a month away. My parents house got really crowded very fast with all of mine and Nialls stuff, then Emmas. On top of that people wher always in and out of the house to see Emma. "Niall when we get married and we have enough money lets get our own house." i said. "Babe i've already worked on that i found one that is in price range but its in bartensburge an hour away we want one here near our family and friends." He said. I was quiet the word friends hung in the air. I thought of Ashley,Abby,and Jenn. "Honey lets go see Ash today I havent seen her in so long." i said. "OK do you wanna bring Emma?" He asked. i didn't know how she would react to the baby or the engagment. "um yea i do. i dont wanna leave my baby here without me." i said.

We walked across the street to Ashleys house. Niall knocked on the door. Ashleys mother opened the door and saw Niall. "Oh my Niall! hello why havent i seen you around latley?" she asked Niall. "I've been very busy out of town latley. Is Ashley home?" he asked her. "Yes, but first tell me who thhis beautiful lady is." she said. "This is my fiance Hannah and this is our baby Emma." he said. "well your baby is so adorable. And Hannah you are very beautiful ill go get emma you guys can come in if you wanna." she said. Niall and i walked into the house. After a minuet or so Ashley came out of her room. "Oh my gosh Hannah!!" she ran to me and gace me a huge hug. "Hi Ash." i said. "Niall! where have you guys been?" she asked. "Um well Niall,Louis,Zayn, Liam,Harry and I ranaway. because i was rapped and i got pregnant. And i came back and had little Emma here." i said looking at Emma. "Oh my gosh she is adorable! Can I hold her?" she asked i looked to Niall wanting him to answere her question. "umm yea." he said. I got Emma out of her car seat and handed her to Ashley. "so what else has happened in the past 9 months?" Ashley asked us. "Well on Hannahs Birthday, I asked her to marry me." Niall says while looking at me. "OH MY GOSH!! when is the wedding!!" she asked. "in a month, July,16th." I say. she handed Emma back to me. "welp we better be going." Niall said. "umm OK" ashley said

We walked home and put Emma to sleep. it was almost 3 PM. i was looking at the newspaper and found a perfect little house that was in our price range. "NIALL! come here! i found the perfect house its here in town and its in our price range!" I say very exited. Niall walked into the room looked at the house and said "Babe i already bought that house." i smiled then looked at him "You sneaky sneaky boy." i say.

a week before the wedding we move into our home completly. "So Mrs. Horan how do you like it?" Niall said. "I..I have no words," i say. I was amazed at how perfect it was and all for me and my family.

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